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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Bulk material is unloaded and transferred to storage silos An AA-Series exchanger cools blower discharge from 230°F to within 15°F of the outside temperature. This air stream is 1,000 SCFM, 8 PSIG.
Material is moved from silos to the batch reactor
Vapors from reactor are condensed A TV-Series exchanger minimizes vapor escaping to the atmosphere. The 30 CFM flow of air, organic and water vapor is cooled from 175°F to 60°F. 98% of the organic vapor condenses.
New compound moves from pelletizer to staging silo A C-Series exchanger cools the conveyor stream from 190°F to 45°F with direct expanding R-22. A typical conveying stream is 500 SCRM, 4 PSIG.
Finished product is loaded into trucks A C-Series exchanger cools the conveying stream with chilled water. Flow is 350 SCFM, 8 PSIG. Process Fluid

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