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Our product range comtains a wide range of Advanced Control Module, THE D2 POCKET PANEL, SkyView HDX, SkyView Classic and SkyView Autopilot

Advanced Control Module

Included with every Quick Panel, our ADVANCED Control Module saves the builder hundreds of hours in wiring, crimping, troubleshooting and frustration. 22 Channels of Circuit Protection Panel Dimmer Controller Flap Controller with Positioning Trim Controller Wig Wag Landing Light Controller SV Network Hub EFIS ARINC Interface Panel Switch Interface

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SkyView HDX

  • Clear, Vibrant Displays: SkyView HDX features brighter, higher-resolution HD displays with wider viewing angles and improved anti-reflective properties for the sharpest picture ever
  • Beautiful Design: SkyView HDX's modern, elegant design features robust metal and glass construction that is worthy of your aircraft.
  • Unrivaled Control Ergonomics: SkyView HDX expands the SkyView philosophy of combining full physical controls with a touchscreen. SkyView HDX's angled control panel allows for natural hand positioning, reducing fatigue. The wide, sculpted ledge allows you to anchor your hand for p

SkyView HDX is the new flagship SkyView system from Dynon, the market leader in experimental and light sport avionics. SkyView HDX features improved displays, beautiful design, unrivaled control ergonomics, and an upgraded touch interface. SkyView HDX displays are compatible with all existing SkyView components and feature identical mounting profiles and electrical connections. SkyView Classic, SkyView Touch, and SkyView HDX displays use the same modules and accessories. SkyView HDX displays can only connect to other SkyView HDX displays in an aircraft.

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SkyView Classic

  • SkyView Displays: Very bright, high-resolution screens driven by advanced graphics processors create highly visible and readable display. Even in direct sunlight!
  • Buttons and Joysticks: The SkyView System is designed for ease of use while flying. The most used functions are accessed via two rotary/multi-direction Joysticks, for fast intuitive commands. Almost all other in flight commands, using the widely spaced buttons, are only tw
  • Redundancy: If two displays are in the system, either one can act as the Primary Flight Display, Moving Map, and Engine Monitor. The unlikely loss of either display will not affect the functionality of the other

The original next generation EFIS. Even without a touch screen, SkyView's intuitive controls and pilot-designed interface are designed to work in your cockpitSkyView Displays:

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Dynon is a leader in designing and manufacturing MEMS-based AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference Systems) using calibrated solid state gyros and accelerometers. This hardware is combined with an advanced flight dynamics algorithm to accurately determine aircraft true attitude without drift. The D2 can be turned on in flight and it quickly determines true attitude. A high-quality, highly sensitive GPS receiver is also built into the D2 to provide GPS ground speed, altitude, vertical speed, and ground track for enhanced flight situational awareness. The D2 is not a smartphone or tablet app, or GPS-derived "simulated instrument panel." Unlike those consumer devices, the D2 is a dedicated avionics instrument. With a real AHRS, and designed and calibrated for in-cockpit use, you can rely on it to give you accurate flight information. It will be on and ready when you need it; it isn't going to switch away from your attitude indicator to display a calendar reminder!

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SkyView Autopilot

Dynon Avionics servos are dimensionally identical to other leading servos for drop-in upgradability. Behind the scenes, though, the SV line of servos are all-new. A lightweight aluminum case houses a stainless steel gear train to optimize weight while not sacrificing strength. The servo control arm is captured by a castellated nut and secured by a cotter pin, just like other critical interfaces in your aircraft. Each servo is managed by its own microprocessor, making the servo an active, smart extension of the autopilot. This simplifies the control-surface-to-servo calibration and prevents the servo from driving itself endlessly like other servos can. As an ultimate mechanical failsafe, a simple and effective shear pin is employed to let you break the servo free of the aircraft control surface in an emergency.

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EFIS-D100 Super Bright Screen

EFIS-D100100534-001: EFIS-D100 with Super-Bright Screen, Instrument only, Retail (Includes Instrument, 100488-001; 764 Hex Wrench, 100556-000) 100096-000: Dynon Internal Backup Battery for D10D100 Series 102827-000: Dynon GPS-251 GPS ReceiverAntenna Module for D10D100 Series

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  • Touchscreen PFD Autopilot Control
  • Touchscreen MFD Angle-of-Attack On-Screen Display 406 ELT
  • ADAHRS Engine Monitor Module

nstalling an aircraft's modern avionics and electrical system is no longer a time consuming, complicated and frustrating experience. Each Quick Panel includes a well-engineered instrument panel that is professionally wired, configured, tested and ready to install. All avionics, including the aircraft's autopilot servos, trim servos and lights are all cleanly wired to the new Advanced Control Module. Quick Panels are available with both SkyView and AF-5000 series displays.

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AOA Pneumatic Installation Kit

2 x 102559-000, Static Port Alum 38" NPT 2 x 102630-000, Fitting Tube Pneumatic Strt Female 14" OD PTC X 18" NPT 6 x 102631-000, Fitting Tube Pneumatic Strt Male 14" OD PTC X 18" NPT 2 x 102631-001, Fitting Tube Pneumatic Elbow Male 14" OD PTC X 18" NPT 25' x 102632-000, Tube Pneumatic Polyethylene 0.17 ID X .25 OD BLU 25' x 102632-001, Tube Pneumatic Polyethylene 0.17 ID X .25 OD GRN 35' x 102632-002, Tube Pneumatic Polyethylene 0.17 ID X .25 OD Natural 3 x 102639-000, Fitting Tube Pneumatic Y Union 14" OD 1 x 102639-001, Fitting Tube Pneumatic T Union 14" OD 1 x 102641-000, Tube Cutter 30 x 102642-000, Snap Bushing 2 x 102643-000, Sleeve Alum Coupling Tube 316" OD

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Dual ADAHRS Mounting Kit

1 x Secondary ADAHRS Mounting Plate 3 x #4-40 x 38" FH SS Screw 4 x #8-32 X 38" Pan Head SS Screw 4 x #8 SS Lock Washer Int Tooth

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Pitot Mount Bracket

ard AN5812 pitot tubes.) Kit includes a small support bracket and a cutting template for the skin penetration. Fully installation instructions are included in the SkyView System Installation Guide. =========== FAQ: Which airplanes does this work with? It was designed to be installed in the RV 7, 8, 9 and 10 but will most likely work with several other aircraft types. A small amount a modification might be required but the design is simple and can accommodate most aircraft designs Will it fit any pitot tube or just the Dynon pitot tube? The design accommodates the standard AN5812 mounting profile found on most pitot tubes. It looks yellow, is it painted? What is it coated with? The mount is made from aircraft grade aluminum and plated with a Gold Alodine(tm) to prevent corrosion and make it ready for paint. If you wish to polish it you can simply remove the finish with any aluminum polishing compound. How does it mount? Detailed mounting instructions are available through our website and are contained in the Pitot Tube Installation Guide. Dynon includes a cut-out template with each order. Is it welded? I heard there were problems with welded pitot mounts. Yes the assembly is welded. Dynon tested several different methods for attaching the parts together and using a large welded fillet was by far the best method. How much does it cost? $95, which includes the pitot mount, cut-out template and angle bracket.

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