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We offer the best product range of TEM specimen preparation system, Plasma Cleaner, XTEM Prep Kit and Automatic Twin-Jet Electropolisher.

TEM specimen preparation system

Ultra-low energy ion source Concentrated ion beam Removes amorphous and implanted layers Ideal for post-focused ion beam processing and milling of conventionally prepared specimens Liquid nitrogen-cooled specimen stage Revolutionary low energy, concentrated ion beam Fischioneā€™s Model 1040 NanoMillĀ® TEM specimen preparation system is an excellent tool for creating the high-quality thin specimens needed for advanced transmission electron microscopy imaging and analysis. It is ideal for both post-FIB (focused ion beam) processing and the enhancement of conventionally prepared specimens.

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Plasma Cleaner

Simultaneously cleans transmission and scanning electron microscope specimens and specimen holders Enhances imaging and analytical results Removes existing carbonaceous contamination Prevents contamination No etching or sputtering Storage in clean vacuum

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XTEM Prep Kit

Fabricate precise cross-section specimens for transmission electron microscopy Aligns area of interest Produces consistent glue layer thickness Fabricate precise XTEM specimens The XTEM Prep Kit makes it easy to stack and bond together rectangular wafers obtained from the area of interest of the bulk material. A vise assembly holds the wafers in place while the vacuum-compatible epoxy is curing. The wafer stack is subsequently cored and sectioned into disk specimens. The XTEM Prep Kit produces specimens with a high level of mechanical integrity and a consistent glue layer thickness. The kit includes all components needed to produce high-quality, cross-section specimens.

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Automatic Twin-Jet Electropolisher

Electrolytic polishing or chemical etching Simultaneous two-sided polishing No induced artifacts Easily adjustable flow rate, jet and specimen positions Reliable, accurate termination High-quality thin foils for TEM Electrolytic thinning of conductive materials is an effective method of quickly producing specimens for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) without any induced artifacts. In the Model 110 Twin-Jet Electropolisher, twin jets simultaneously polish both sides of the sample, creating electron transparent specimens within a few minutes. The electropolisher features easily adjustable electrolyte flow, polishing voltage, termination detection sensitivity, and jet and specimen holder positions.

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