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Our Complete range of products are FS-G7731 All Weather WMP-VR Facing Tape, OV- G5209 Self Wound Polypropylene Overlamination Film With Matte Fini, FB-K4309 High Tensile Kraft Flatback Tape, CL-W6039 Premium Grade 3-Step Stucco Cloth Tape and CL-W6048 Utility Grade Cloth Duct Tape.

CL-W6033 Vinyl Coated Black Gaffers Tape

  • Thickness 10.5 mils
  • Adhesive Rubber
  • Carrier Cloth
  • Adhesive Thickness 3.75 mils
  • Tensile Strength 45 lbs/in.

CL-W6033 is a 10.5 mils high quality, vinyl coated cloth laminated to a low gloss finish carrier. This product is coated with a natural rubber adhesive. CL-W6033 will conform well to irregular surfaces and will not twist or curl. It has excellent water, vapour and abrasion resistance and provides clean removal on most surfaces. CL-W6033 has low light reflectivity which makes it suitable for entertainment-type applications where minimal visibility of tape is desired.

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DC-G056A High Tack Red Double Sided Tape

  • Adhesive Red Synthetic Copolymer
  • Thickness 5.0 mils
  • Carrier 1 mil / BOPP film
  • Tensile 28 lbs/in.
  • Adhesion Adhesion

DC-G056A is a 5 mils premium double sided polypropylene tape designed for difficult applications requiring a high performance tape. DC-G056A has an exclusive high tack red colored adhesive which offers outstanding adhesion to many difficult to bond surfaces

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FS-G7731 All Weather WMP-VR Facing Tape

  • Adhesive Acrylic
  • Total Thickness 8.5 mils
  • Backing Thickness 7.8 mils
  • Tensile 42 lbs/in.
  • Adhesion 40 oz/in.

FS-G7731 is a 3-way reinforced polypropylene filmscrimKraft facing tape, combined with a high performance cold weather solvent acrylic adhesive. It features an easy release silicone treated liner and offers a superior quick stick at normal operating temperatures as well as great performance at low temperatures.

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OV- G5209 Self Wound Polypropylene Overlamination Film With Matte Fini

  • Thickness 1.5 mils
  • Carrier Matte Finish BOPP
  • Tensile 26 lbs./in.
  • Adhesive Water-Based Acrylic
  • Adhesion to Steel 12 oz./in.12 oz./in.

OV-G5209 is a 1.5 mils water clear, self wound, BOPP overlamination tape, with a water based acrylic adhesive. OV-G5209 offers excellent acid, chemical and oil resistance. Conforms to FDA regulations 21 CFR 175.105 and 21 CFR 177.1520

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FB-K4309 High Tensile Kraft Flatback Tape

  • Adhesive Rubber
  • Thickness 7.5 mils
  • Carrier Natural Kraft Paper
  • Tensile Strength 50 lbs/in.
  • Elongation 2.5%

FB-K4309 is a 7.5 mils Kraft flatback pressure sensitive, paper tape. It’s tough carrier remains strong under moist conditions and has been specifically engineered for containerboard applications. Developed with ease-of-use and durability in mind, FB-K4309 has been tailored for core-starting and tabbing applications. Good cross-direction tensile makes it suitable as a splicing tape.

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CL-W6039 Premium Grade 3-Step Stucco Cloth Tape

  • Adhesive Rubber
  • Thickness 11.8 mils
  • Carrier PE laminated synthetic fiber cloth
  • Tensile 36.0 lbs/in.
  • Adhesion 20 oz/in.

CL-W6039 is an 11.8 mils stucco cloth tape consisting of PE laminated synthetic fiber cloth and is coated with a rubber-based adhesive. Due to its excellent durability, UV resistance, weather resistance, and water resistance properties the adhesive leaves practically no residue even under summer heat or in winter cold.

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CL-W6048 Utility Grade Cloth Duct Tape

  • Adhesive Natural Rubber/resin
  • Thickness 7.0 mils
  • Carrier Polyester cloth / Polyethylene film
  • Tensile 17 lbs/in.
  • Adhesion 41 oz/in.

CL-W6048 is a 7.0 mils, utility grade pressure sensitive cloth tape that is single-coated with high tack, natural rubber-based adhesive.

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DC-M012P Double Sided Polyester Tape With Red Poly Liner

  • Adhesive Modified Solvent Based Acrylic
  • Thickness 8.0 mil
  • Carrier .5 mil PET film
  • Liner 2.75 mils RED MOPP
  • Adhesion 70 oz/in.

DC-M012P is an 8 mil, double sided polyester tape offering excellent plasticizer migration resistance and good adhesion under high temperature conditions.

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4 ounce Low Density Polyethylene Protective Film

  • Thickness 2.0 mils
  • Carrier Co-Ex Film
  • Carrier Thickness 1.8 mils
  • Adhesive Acrylic
  • Adhesion 11 oz/in.

PR-N3221 is a 2 mils co-extruded polyethylene tape coated with a special acrylic adhesive. UV resistance is 120 days in all weather. Size: 10″, 16″ , 22.75″ x 600′

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MK-K5463 Blue Painters Masking Tape

  • Adhesive Natural rubber / resin
  • Natural 5.5 mils
  • Carrier Blue Crepe Paper
  • Tensile 21 lbs/in.
  • Adhesion 18 oz/in.

MK-K5463 is a 5.5 mil high performance masking tape specifically designed for easy removal, both indoors & outdoors. MK-K5463 will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 14 days and will not dry out or lose its holding power during that time.

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