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  • height 2.1"

The PZ Pilot Pro offers 2.1" print height from a single print head with the ability to run up to 4 print heads from a single controller. The PZ Pilot Pro offers a versatile, yet cost effective solution for your coding applications. The PZ Pilot Pro utilizes 380 print heads that print up to 2.1" in height, exceeding the GS1 specification for case code printing without the additional cost of a larger print head. Industry proven piezo technology produces razor-sharp text and dark print for increased bar code scannability.

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Case Taping Systems

  • length 4.5"
  • width 4" to 22.5"
  • height 25.5"

EZ-TEK BB-2 CASE TAPER - The BB-2 industrial case taper is a cost effective top and bottom case taper designed for large run case sealing. BB-2 utilizes pressure-sensitive tape and self-centering side rails, a rugged bottom belt drive, and heavy-duty mast that easily adjusts to handle a variety of case sizes. BB-2 is capable of sealing boxes from 4.5" to infinite box length, 4" to 22.5" in width, and 3.5" to 25.5" in box height. The BB-2 can also be partnered with Squid Ink's large character ink jet printing systems or for a hi-resolution print, the PZ Pilot, PZ Pilot Plus, or PZ Pilot Pro.

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  • Dimensions 14” x 12” x 11”

With the cost of void fill and air pillow packing increasing and the desire for companies to use environmentally friendly packaging we are pleased to provide the highly economical Opus Mini Green Machine Air Pillow Biodegradable air cushion system from Green Light Products LTD. The Opus Mini Green Machine is a variable speed air cushion system that matches the machine throughput to the needs of the packaging line. The Green Machine is compact, (yet can fill up to 16” wide pillows) light weight and robust for the most demanding applications. The Opus Mini Green Machine uses Opus Bio™ biodegradable film. Whether you are a small or large user the Opus Mini Green Machine is mechanically simple design and exceptional reliability provides stress free packing. Its simplicity allows anyone to use it immediately. Technical Specifications Machine Dimensions: 14” x 12” x 11” Machine maximum width: 11.8” Machine maximum height: 10.8” Machine weight: 18.7 lbs Speed: Variable, 82 bags per minute( 8” x 8” bag size) Programmable Bag count Power Supply (USA): 110V, 60Hz Film material: Low density or High density polyethylene tubing. Biodegradable Length of roll: up to 1650’ (500m) Roll width: 8” (200mm) or 16” (400mm)

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Ink Jet Linx

  • Model No. 4900
  • heights 2.1 to 7.7mm

The Linx 4900 continuous ink jet printer is designed to meet everyday product coding and marking requirements and to provide low total cost of ownership and simple, trouble free operation for product identification. Printing capability Maximum print speed of 6.25ms (for 1 line of text) Print heights from 2.1 to 7.7mm Alphanumeric character (1 or 2 lines) and logo printing Wide choice of ink colours and types Programming facilities Stores up to 50 messagescodes and up to 100 logos Automated date and traceability coding Sequential numbering WYSIWYG display and message preview Physical characteristics Stainless steel casing IP55 environmental protection rating (withstands washdowns) Weighs only 20kg Built in user interface, with remote control option

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Self Adhesive Labels

Whether your looking for blank roll labels, four color process custom printed labels, coupons or multiple page booklet labels, let Elmark provide you with the quality labels you require. Our Advantages Over 30 years of experience Quality controls at every level Extensive tooling inventory reduces start-up costs. Hundreds of materialadhesive liner combinations available Self Adhesive Labels for Packaging SolutionsTwo clean, modern, air conditioned production facilities. Distributor pricing available to qualified buyers Prompt, courteous response by an experienced, knowledgeable label professional Full line of standard and custom label dispensing and application equipment available We also offer Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer printers and supplies

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hot stamp imprinters

  • Series `C205
  • Size 1.25" x 1.5"

Features Low cost option for hot stamp imprinting. Supports all standard industry type. Rotate type within holder. Can be integrated with all Universal Applicators and Systems. Specifications 1.25" x 1.5" imprint area Compressed Air required: 20-30 PSI Electric: 120 VAC =-10%

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Thermal Transfer Label Printer

  • width Max 5.25"

Print and Apply labels to cartons, pallets, products, etc. with a Thermal Transfer label printer applicator. Models are available to print and apply labels to a carton’s top, side, bottom or corner wrap. Choose from a variety of Thermal Transfer Label Print Engines. Universal Print & Apply (UPA II) Printer Applicator is leading edge technology in product identification. The UPA II features: Easy-to-use operator touch screen. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Quick change tamp head. Removable tamp assembly for easy access to print engine. Proximity "smart head" sensor. Product on delay.

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Feed & Accumlating Table

  • diameter 36" or 48"

Features Heavy Duty base with swivel casters & leveling pads. Feeder Assembly. Adjustable table height & product guide rails. Variable speed drive with reversible motor. Specifications 36" or 48" diameter polypropylene top (FDA approved). Three (3) 3" swivel casters with four (4) leveling pads. Electric: 120 VAC =-10%.

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industrial ink jet printers

  • size 12" x 6.25" x 3.2"
  • weight approx. 20lb

Prints on absorbent surfaces - bags, boxes and webs. KIWI MATRIX I SPECIFICATIONS 50 Characters per message 200 message storage prints standard 12" characters (13mm) optional 38" 34" & 1" (10, 19 25mm) character format 7x5 dot matrix compact size 12" x 6.25" x 3.2" shipping weight approx. 20lb KIWI Matrix II Specifications 50 Characters per line-2 lines 200 message storage prints standard 12", 38", 34", and 1" character height double the height for single line applications character format 7x5, 5x14 and 10x14 dot matrix compact size 12" x 6.25" x 4.6"H shipping weight approx. 25lb.

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Round Product Labeling System

  • Series R310 Round Product Labeling System

R310 Round Product Labeling System Roll-on Applier Product Sizes 12” .6 Ø Up to 7 Label Width Label Supply up to 12” Ø Air: 20 PSI Minimum Electric: 120VAC= +-10% Optional Wide Label Kit Optional Hot Stamp Imprinter Also available for gallon sizes

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High Speed Round Product

  • Series R322

R322 High Speed Round Product Labeling Systems: Round Product Labeling System R322 Labeling System Speed: Up to 300 PPM Up to 6.375” Label Width (wider label option) Label Supply up to 16” Ø 6” x 8' Conveyor One SL2000 Stepper Driven Label Applicator

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  • Model Model 612

The Cosmos Model 612 Dispenser is completely portable and plugs into any conventional 120 volt outlet. The heavy duty aluminum construction and solid state circuitry assures dependable performance in virtually any work environment. Features: Heavy duty aluminum construction Spring loaded drive handle to allow easy label loading Easily adjustable supply roll tension clutch Teflon coated peel edge Photo-electric label sensor for non-contact sensing of both die-cut and butt-cut labels Rotary thumbwheel allows user to select desired feed length MADE IN U.S.A.

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  • sizes 1/2”, 7/23”

EVOLUTION is complete and ready to install right out of the box. It has been designed to be a “low cost” yet completely expandable High Resolution printing system based on the proven Hewlett Packard thermal ink jet print-head. EVOLUTION delivers bold, fully formed characters from the first print to the last. In its basic form, it is a direct replacement for a contact style roller coders printing simple product identification onto corrugated cartons. The system includes the mounting bracket, a hand held controller with tactile style keypad for message entry, and the print-head module with internal product sensor. Print a one line message in 12” characters, or two lines of 723”. Other sizes available

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Min Pro Labeling Equipment

  • Series Mini-Pro 25

The Originator of Automatic On-Line Label Application on Vertical and Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Packaging Machines. Label Applicators: Mini Pro 25Mini-Pro 25 A small, automatic, electric, variable speed label applier. Uses: Special Promotions Special Features Special Needs Prime Labeling Features: Compact—designed to fit restricted places on packaging, filling and wrapping equipment Light WeightPortable—15 pounds and easily carried to area of need-easily mounts in any position with minimal bracket support Applies die-cut label up to 2 12” wide Solid state electronics with variable web speed to 712”minute

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Labeling Heads

  • Model 4100

OEM Cosmos Model 4100 Roll-On Applicator Designed to be mounted above or beside a product conveyor. Labels are dispensed, matching the speed of the conveyor, allowing for a smooth application of the label onto virtually any product or surface. Features: Label Applicator: OEM Cosmos Model 4100Heavy-duty aluminum construction Powered waste rewinder Stepper Drive Motor for feed rates up to 1200” per minute Spring loaded drive handle to allow easy label loading Easily adjustable supply roll tension clutch Thru-beam label detector Stainless steel peel edge Product sensor (several standard types) or open contact triggering package MADE IN U.S.A. Options: Wash down duty Servo Drive for feed rates of 2500+ inches per minute Clear label sensor LCD Label Counter: Displays number of labels dispensed Programmable (preset) Counter: Allows unit to be stopped automatically after preset number of labels. Ink or hot stamp imprinters Corner or side wrap for labeling up to two additional sides

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label dispenser

  • Model Model LD

Model LD Label Dispenser Label Dispenser Model LD-1NFeatures Simple Operation - Low Maintenance Wide Label Width – 6” max Fast Dispensing Speed Quick Label Change Non-Contact Label Sensor Portable Built-in Handle Heavy Duty Construction Reliable Electronics Hot Stamp DateLot Coder Option

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OEM Print Roll

  • Model 60
  • Motor 451 oz.-in. torque, 72 RPM, 120 VAC

OEM Print Roll to Roll The Print Roll To Roll consists of the Model 60 Stand Alone Rewinder with caddy and integral base plate for a thermal transfer printer. This arrangement allows you to print and rewind full size rolls of labels. Thermal Transfer Printer Accessories: OEM Print Roll to RollFeatures: 6” web width (Model 60) 12” web width (Model 120) Motor: 451 oz.-in. torque, 72 RPM, 120 VAC Baseplate for thermal transfer printer 12” supply roll with 3” core allows you to use larger label rolls than printer media supply space will allow. MADE IN THE U.S.A. Options: 14” or 16” O.D. supplyrewind roll Bar code verifier units Other I.D. cores with adaptors for various size cores

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Universal Label Applicator

  • Series L15

The applicator is at the heart of every labeling operation. It possesses the strength, accuracy and reliability to make a labeling application successful. There is no “one size fits all” concept with label applicators. The applier should fit both the needs of the application and the budget of the customer. Universal designs and builds a complete line of clutchbrake, pneumatic, electropneumatic and stepper driven applicators to solve your labeling needs. With applier speeds ranging from 700 inches to 3, 000 inches per minute, Universal has the right label applicator at the right price. Wipe on Label Applicator ClutchBrake Operated Speed: Up to 1200” per min. Label Width up to 6.375” Label Supply up to 12” Ø

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Front and Back or Round Product

  • Series CP1000

CP1000 Front and Back or Round Product Labeling System Speed: Up to 120 PPM Up to 6 Label Width Label Supply up to 12” Ø 6” x 12' Conveyor Two SL1500 Stepper Driven Label Applicators Synchronous Oval Product Positioning Synchronous Overhead Hold-down Automatic Speed Matching

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DOD Large Character Printing Systems

SQ2 - The SQ2 prints high quality dot-matrix characters on a variety of products at a cost-effective price. SQ2 users choose between two models: a water-based system for printing on porous surfaces, or a solvent-based system for printing on non-porous surfaces. Users also select between three different print sizes and have the flexibility to run one or two printheads from the same controller.

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Heavy duty T base stand

  • height 62"

Features Heavy Duty Construction Vertical height adjustment . Includes leveling pads and locking castors. Optional "Y" axis adjustment mechanism. Specifications Three (3) 4" locking castors and leveling pads. Vertical height adjustment up to 62" . Includes L Bracket for L15, L30, L60 & SL1000 or Yoke Mount for SL2000 and UPA Series.

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  • Model L60 Tamp

L60 Tamp Electro-pneumatic Applier Up to 6.5” Label Width Label Supply up to 12” Ø Air: 40 PSI Tamp Electric: 120VAC= +-10% Optional Wide Label Kit Optional Hot Stamp Imprinter Product Fixture Custom Designed per application

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Friction Feeders

  • Size 24-inch (60.96 cm)

Packaging operations pursuing greater productivity through automation require dependable feeding equipment that's simple yet flexible to meet changing needs. ST 550 ST 850 ST 1250 Standard Features Equipment: Friction Feeder ST 550Ideal for use with wrapper and cartoner infeed conveyors, and other types of equipment that require high performance feeding automation Patented Differential Friction Technology™ for reliable product separation 24-inch (60.96 cm) capacity hopper with easy one knob width adjustment Tool-free adjustments for quick and easy setups and changeovers Heave-duty one piece stainless steel enclosure Built for rugged continuous use with quality precision parts Operator safety guards over discharge and feed belts Equipment: Friction Feeder ST850IQuipped™ with intelligent system control featuring a high performance embedded microprocessor Bright, bold alphanumeric vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) Real time job performance indicators with a resettable counter Fully configurable via simple 16-button keypad Passcode protected access to system configurations RS-232 communication for host system control Options One shot or batch count control modes Equipment: Friction Feeder ST1250Double and low stack detection 3-color tower lamp 8-channel configurable I0 for external feeder status and fault signaling Rollup adjustable height stand for inline, right angle or straddle mounting Vacuum and roller transports to imprint, label, scan, or to feed over conveyor guards Vertical discharge to feed 90 degrees downward into top-opening packages Catch trays for precision product placement and registration against conveyor lugs Custom hardware and software for your special application requirements

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