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We offer a complete product range of Machined Plastics, Spring Energized Seals, packer elements, molded rubber and rubber extrusions

Machined Plastics

The machining of plastic components has been the core of our business since the beginning. We work with just about every mechanical and engineering grade polymer available. Our turning centers are both manual and computer controlled, capable of producing diameters from .125 inches up to 120 inches, milling up to 60″ wide. We also produce parts from screw machines and high speed auto loaders. Back-up rings, valve seats, gaskets, and seals are a few of the products we offer. Let us quote your requirement today.

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Spring Energized Seals

Our Spring energized seals range from sub-miniature to 120″. Imperial and Metric Jackets manufactured from: TFE, TFE Blends, TFM, PEEK, and others. Springs are manufactured from, Carbon, Stainless and others. From prototypes to production, we have the fastest Quotations, Best Prices, and Amazing Deliveries.

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packer elements

Used largely in oil and gas production our packers have proven themselves in the most demanding applications all over the world. These elements can be produced by molding, mandrel curing, lathe cutting, or machining. Combine that number of processing options with over a dozen compounds and you will get the right packer for your job.

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molded rubber

Our custom molded parts are used in just about every industry in the world. From tiny neoprene, valve seats to large diameter FKM packer elements used by drillers in the oil patch; From EPDM, gaskets for refuse equipment to HNBR and TFER, vee-rings, used by many cylinder manufacturers, our parts are everywhere. We have molded most materials, in a wide range of sizes into everything from airlock gaskets on hyperbaric chambers to hatch seals for submarines. Our tooling is very affordable and our lead times are very reasonable. Let us make your next molding project our next molding project.

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rubber extrusions

Our extrusions are from most synthetic and natural rubber compounds, seals, channels, bumpers, gaskets, etc.Most extrusions can be mitered or spliced endless, further extending your design options. Short or long runs, reasonable tooling, low minimums, quick deliveries.

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We can manufacture gaskets from most materials, by just about every method. With laser cutting, machining, die stamping, molding and water jetting all at our disposal, we can insure that every gasket is produced by the most suitable method to achieve desired results. Any size, any shape, any material. Fastest quotations, best prices, amazing deliveries.

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An essential component in any reciprocating application, the proper wiper or scraper can extend the service life of practically any cylinder by many times. By taking into account the many variables of your particular application, we can recommend a material that offers optimal service. With several manufacturing options, including, machining, molding, and stamping at our disposal, odds are we can produce what you need, when you need it.

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While the vee-set has been around for many years, it remains a staple of the valve and cylinder manufacturing industries. There are several, commonly used cross sections available, as well as many custom designs. Vee rings and sets can be machined or molded from many different materials. Recent designs combine numerous different materials in one set, to provide positive sealing when encountering various media during operation. These, “hybrid” vee sets are widely used in oil and gas production and refining. If you need them quick, contact us now.

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Back-Up Rings

For over twenty years our back-up rings have found their way into numerous applications, including: energy production tools, pharmaceutical equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic machinery and medical devices, to name just a few. We specialize in high end polymers like PTFE, PEEK, PPS and many more.

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Teflon Seals

Teflon® or PTFE has numerous qualities that are highly desirable for the manufacture of seals and sealing components. PTFE can be used in temperatures from -450 to +500°, and is unaffected by virtually all chemicals. Design applications from refrigeration valves to furnace seals, at refineries, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, and drilling operations. FDA approval expands the uses of PTFE to include food and pharmaceutical process equipment. Best yet is the short lead times and excellent value offered by PTFE seals.

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