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precision ball bearings

precision ball bearings

Precision Ball Bearings

We offer precision hardened ball bearings manufactured from steel, (chrome and stainless) and tungsten carbide. What separates us from others in the marketplace is the depth of our engineering and diverse manufacturing capabilities.

We are able to offer balls directly from the manufacturer providing the strictest quality control standards. In the case of tungsten carbide, the pressing and sintering operations are done in house.

Quality assurance systems have been developed alongside detailed procedures for the control of all manu-facturing, processing, inspection, engineering, documentation, and other related functions. These systems meet the Government's MIL-Q-9858 and MIL-I-45208 specifications. Tungsten Carbide Balls are evaluated using a computer assisted Federal Circular Geometry Gage that is accurate within 2 millionths of an inch to insure that they conform to ABMA standards or to special customer requirements.

Chrome steel balls are offered in Grades 10 to 200 with Grades 3 and 5 available upon special request. Stain┬Čless balls are also offered. Contact ERIKS for more information.

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