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Streamline Your Reorder Process

Streamline Your Reorder Process

Streamline Your Reorder Process

Having the parts you need on hand when you need them is crucial in any business. Your team can spend hours each week just keeping track of parts inventory, not to mention all of the time spent and paperwork that goes along with a manual reordering process.

The solution is ERIKScan.ERIKScan is a streamlined mobile order creation utility for ERIKS VMI customers. This application simplifies the order creation process through the scanning of serialized barcode tags, thereby minimizing user input and ensuring order accuracy.

ERIKScan is an iOS application and can run on any iOS device including the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The device that you select is then paired with a state-of-the-art barcode sled to capture the replenishment orders. Each barcode is a unique serialized number that relates to a specific customer, product, delivery location, and set reorder quantity. The data is then automatically transmitted directly into the ERIKS’ ERP system where your order is reviewed, processed and shipped guaranteeing you have the products you need, when you need them, to keep your business moving.

Out of the box, ERIKScan simply automates the process of reordering critical inventory. However, nothing is set in stone, the system is fully customizable to fit the way you do business. When implementing ERIKScan, our specialized team with expertise in logistics, supply chain and IT will work directly with you to ensure the solution fits the way you do business.

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