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Our Complete range of products are Plastic Injection Molding, Value Added Decorating services, Injection Molded Plastic Parts, Insert Molding and Custom Plastic Mold Decorating.

Plastic Injection Molding

With over 50 years of plastic injection molding experience, EVCO Plastics has grown to be recognized as a global leader in custom plastic injection molding. Partnering with OEMs worldwide, in a wide range of industries, we can design and mold custom plastic parts and assemblies that enhance end products, reduce overall part and production costs, and streamline assembly and manufacturing processes. With many manufacturers offering injection molded plastics, EVCO Plastics believes our true success comes only from an approach and commitment to plastic injection molding that provides each customer unparalleled competitive advantage in terms of improved quality, appeal, efficiencies and increased profitability.

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Value Added Decorating services

EVCO Plastics employs the latest innovations, technologies and automation for our molded plastic components and injection molding assembly, as well as for our secondary and integrated operations. Our process can provide you with fully labeled, decorated and assembled plastic injection molded parts and sub-assemblies for improved quality, increased efficiencies and overall cost savings. Whether your order consists of vacuum metalized plastic parts that require specialized assembly and packaging or you are looking for welding services for your custom injection molded plastics, we have the experience and integrated operations to meet your needs. Decorating and Labeling Injection Molded Components In-mold decorating (IMD) and In-mold labeling (IML) Silk Screening Pad Printing Hot Stamping Vacuum Metalized Plastic Parts Welding of Injection Molded Parts Ultrasonic welding Spin welding Vibration welding Injection Molding Machined Parts Injection Molding Assembly Packaging Components From concept to delivery, EVCO P

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Injection Molded Plastic Parts

EVCO Plastics has employed gas assist molding technology for plastic injection molding in a wide range of applications for over 25 years, providing OEMs with numerous advantages for custom plastic injection molded plastic parts and products. Gas assist injection molded plastics are a great option for companies looking to reduce time and cost without sacrificing quality or design options.Gas assist molding is a low-pressure plastic injection molding process where pressurized nitrogen gas is injected into the mold, pushing the plastic into the mold extremities, while hollowing out thicker sections in the part. In the gas assist molding process, the plastic material is melted and injected into the mold cavities via the conventional plastic injection molding process. Plastic material in contact with the mold walls begins to solidify first. As this happens, nitrogen gas is injected into the mold through strategically designed and placed gas channels, providing pressure that pushes the plastic material into the mold extremities. Once the plastic cures, the nitrogen is vented and the gas assist injection molded plastic parts are removed from the mold. Gas assist injection molding process animation.

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Insert Molding

EVCO Plastics has many years of experience as a custom plastic insert molder. Plastic injection insert molding is a plastic injection molding process in which thermoplastic material is molded around an insert piece or pieces placed in the plastic injection molding cavity, resulting in a single strongly bonded, integrated assembly, with the insert or inserts encapsulated by the plastic. Inserts can be metal, another plastic, ceramic or just about any substance that can withstand the plastic injection molding process.

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Custom Plastic Mold Decorating

EVCO Plastics has extensive experience with all types and sizes of custom plastic in-mold decorating (IMD) and in-mold labeling (IML) and continues to develop specialized solutions with this technology for a wide range of industries and applications. In-mold decorating (IMD) or in-mold labeling (IML) is a process for decorating or labeling injection molded plastic parts or components during the plastic injection molding cycle. In the in-mold decorating (IMD) or in-mold labeling (IML) process, a preprinted label or decorated appliqué film is inserted in the open plastic injection mold and held in place via vacuum ports, electrostatic charge or other method. The plastic injection mold is then closed and the plastic resin injected to mold the part, encapsulating the decoration or label permanently within the finished injection molded part.

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Multi-Shot Injection Molding Machine

EVCO Plastics specializes in multi-shot injection molding as well as two-shot plastic injection molding. We have extensive experience in designing and building high quality molds for multi-shot and two-shot injection molded plastics for a wide range of applications. Multi-shot plastic injection molding and two-shot plastic injection molding is an efficient and cost-effective method for molding custom plastic parts with two or more plastic resins or colors in one operation. In multi-shot and two-shot custom plastic injection molding, plastic polymers from two or more injection units are applied through independent nozzles on one plastic injection molding machine to produce custom plastic parts such as soft-grip handle inserts, multi-colored parts, dashboard or instrumentation, or parts with molded seals, flexible hinges, or movable components. The multi-shot and two-shot plastic injection molding technology enables: Multi-color, multi-material and multi-component parts New and wider range of designs More complex parts and reduced cost Production, handling and assembly efficiencies and savings Reduction of multiple and secondary operations Lower part cost Enhanced product features and appeal, including tactile, ergonomic and aesthetics Improved part and end use product integrity and quality Elimination of secondary process for logos, graphics and text With multi-shot and two-shot plastic injection molding, you get the integrated functionality, multiple colors and materials, molded graphics and soft touch layers over rigid components you want, while reducing productions steps, time and cost!

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