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Our product range comtains a wide range of EverGlow Photoluminescent Films, Safety Equipment Signs, EverGlow Paints, Photoluminescent Signs and exit signs

EverGlow Photoluminescent Films

Maximum reliability and effectiveness in all conditions, as no other emergency lighting system available today can be! EverGlow manufactures photoluminescent films and tapes which can be used as a complete system of safety grade "glow in the dark" signs and markings. Films can be laminated to other surfaces for custom applications- signs, markers or stair nosings. Adhesives can be customized to meet the demands of your installation. � Signs - exit, safety equipment, evacuation maps, inserts for ADA and custom � Markers - stair, stair nosing, handrail, obstacle and directional EverGlow offers different tape and film constructions to meet the requirements of your applications. In general, film products have a lower initial cost and are NOT as durable as aluminum products or epoxy coatings. EverGlow film products have the advantage of ease of application and conformance to surfaces which are not flat. Our newest tape is a proprietary film product which is extremely conformable to irregular surfaces. These EverGlow films and tapes are uniquely suited for use on baseboard & chair rail moldings, handrails & ladders and obstacles such as standpipes, overhead bump hazards. They are alse suitable for use on door frames and as perimeter markings on smooth, sealed surfaces. Once applied, this film is not easily repositioned or removed from the surface. This EverGlow film is not vinyl and does not contain any plasticizers. EverGlow Tamper Resistant Tape is like "PAINT on a ROLL". This innovative acrylic tape is tamper resistant - it is designed to fracture when removed from the installation surface. EverGlow Premium Tape is a unique polyester film with a special high performance adhesive. All EverGlow tapes are approved for use in NYC and listed to UL1994. We also offer signs and markers made from premium cast and calendered vinyl. These are our lowest cost films and are the most relaxed vinyl films available on the market today (that is, very little memory or internal stress in the films to cause spontaneous failure). In North America, EverGlow vinyl tapes, signs and markers are available by special order only. � EverGlow Proprietary Photoluminescent Films are NOT PVC (Vinyl) � Contains NO Plasticizers or Oils- Film Does NOT Dry Out and Fail � Environmentally Friendly � Single Layer Construction � Flexible, Relaxed- Does NOT Lift or Delaminate at the Corners, Ends or Side Edges � Water, Chemical, Oil Resistant Film and Adhesive � Abrasion, Scratch and Scuff Resistant � Stays Where You Apply It � Exceeds Applicable Standards for Toxicity, Flame Spread and Washability

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Safety Equipment Signs

Maximum Reliability and Effectiveness � No Electricity, Batteries or Lamps Required � No Toxic or Radioactive Components � Aluminum Signs, Frames & Mounting Brackets � Highest Luminance Available � Emergency Escape & Floor Plans � Custom Designs & ADA � Installation & Technical Support Available Mounting brackets and architectural frames are available for all EverGlow photoluminescent signs. Below are several suggestions which we can supply. Note that we can supply you with top or side mount brackets and these signs and brackets can be configured in many different ways. All signs can be attached directly to the wall (with or without a frame) over the door or near the side of the door frame. Or, signs can be attached to the wall or ceiling using a flag mounting bracket in either 1-side or 2-side configuration. Or, (2) signs can be fastened to the wall using a V-Mounting Bracket. All commercial building and fire codes require the installation of fire extinguishers at various locations throughout your structure. And, these extinguishers MUST be signed properly. EverGlow offers several different photoluminescent signs that will meet the requirements of your inspector and local jurisdiction. High performance photoluminescent signs and back plates ensure that your extinguishers can be found during an emergency and used to save life and property.

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EverGlow Paints

  • Series EverGlow TL300

EverGlow offers durable photoluminescent epoxy coatings with a wide variety of luminance properties. Our HI and TL safety grade pigments complement our conventional signs and markers. Because of the critical performance characteristics required of all photoluminescent safety signs and markings, we recommend that proper surface preparation and coating application be done by professionals experienced working with epoxy coatings.EverGlow offers prepackaged epoxy coatings and photoluminescent pigments to meet the performance requirements of your application. Because of the critical luminance performance requirements of emerging building, life safety and fire codes, EverGlow can guarantee the performance of our photoluminescent coating formulations when applied according to our directions. EverGlow photoluminescent coatings offer the ultimate durability and conformance to difficult surface conditions.

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Photoluminescent Signs

EverGlow exit signs help you meet LEED Certification by accumulating credits in: � EA Credit #1 - Energy and Atmosphere, optimizing energy performance � MR Credit #4 - Materials and Resources, high recycled aluminum content � ID Credit #1.1 - Innovation in Design, performance of non-electrical exit signs EverGlow photoluminescent signs and markings provide maximum reliability and effectiveness in all conditions, as no other emergency lighting system available today can be. EverGlow manufactures a complete system of safety grade "glow in the dark" signs, markers, films, tapes and coatings. � Signs - exit, safety equipment, evacuation maps, ADA and custom � Markers - stair, handrail, obstacle and directional � Films and Tapes - vinyl free, wide & narrow films and tapes � Coatings and Paints - epoxy, urethane, marine EverGlow offers a variety of architectural sign frames and profiles for use in the interior spaces of your environment. When designed for use with an egress or exit path marking system, these attractive and durable aluminum extrusions do not detract from the overall appearance of your decor. Yet, they provide an added measure of safety, reliability and value that is simply not available with conventional trims and moldings. All EverGlow aluminum frames and extrusions are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Anodized satin aluminum is our standard finish. As always, all EverGlow products are environmentally green- they contain a large proportion of recycled components and all EverGlow products are completely recyclable and can help your facility qualify for up to three (3) LEED credits.

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exit signs

  • Series EverGlow HI450

EverGlow Code Approved Photoluminescent Exit Signs (tested & listed by UL to meet the UL924 and CANULC-S572 performance standards) are available with a red or green background. A new black background is now available. The glow letters are fully legible for 90 minutes after the failure of normal lighting, according to code. These signs have a visibility rating of 75 feet. EverGlow Photoluminescent Exit Signs can be used with or without an architectural frame & mounting bracket. Two signs with a frame & bracket can be used as a double sided sign. The signs, frames & brackets are aluminum; all mounting hardware (included) are stainless steel or other non-corrosive fastener. Two glow chevron decals are included with each sign for use as directional markers.EverGlow HI450 Photoluminescent Exit Signs Work with these Lighting Sources: - Fluorescent - Metal Halide - Mercury Vapor - LED, with color temperature 4, 000 K and greater - Technical Data Sheet:

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