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Our offered Product range includes Backlit Fabric Displays, Fabric Light boxes, Display Cases & Shelves, event tents and Expand Grand Fabric Outdoor.

Backlit Fabric Displays

Expand InfinitaSystem Backlit Fabric Displays Strong impact with an illuminated image With an illuminated display, your message immediately makes a much stronger impact compared to the surrounding messages. It makes you highly visible in a busy environment such as a trade show hall. Your visual is printed on fabric (with dye-sublimation technique) and is lit up from the inside with LED lights.

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Fabric Light boxes

Fabric Lightboxes & Backlit Displays An illuminated message makes you more visible Choosing a backlit display or a lightbox is a great way to make sure your message will stand out. An illuminated visual becomes much more visible, especially in busy locations. Your visual is printed on fabric and is lit up from the inside with LED lights.

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Display Cases & Shelves

  • Weight 10 lbs. (4.5 kg. with bag

Display Cases & Shelves Add one or more Display Cases to the Expand MediaWall to help communicate your brand and display your products. The Display Case can be placed in the top, middle or bottom of the wall.The Display Case comes folded in a nylon bag with handles. Simply, unfold it and in seconds it clicks in place. Before mounting the graphics, the Display Case should first be installed. (the graphic panel has a cut out for the display case).

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event tents

Event tents Event tents Choose a high quality tent for your next outdoor or indoor event. Stable and durable - You can set them in just a few minutes! Our tents are available in two different sizes. Design it according to your needs. The Expand VenueTent is available in: 10x10 with choice of colored canopy with or without a logo 10x10 only full color, HD dye-sub printed canopy 10x20 only full color, HD dye-sub printed canopy - Add your choice of wall (full wall or half wall) - Accessories include: ground stakes and plated weights - Strong and stable aluminum structure and spring loaded locking levers - Add your choice of wall (full wall or half wall) - Add your logo & image - Accessories include: ground stakes and plated weights - Durable, professional-grade aluminum structure & heavy-duty locking pins

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Expand Grand Fabric Outdoor

  • Graphic size: Width Width-105 18" or 139 3/8"; Height- 86 5/8"

Expand GrandFabric Outdoor 1. Unpack from wooden crate 2. Click the frame parts together 3. Assemble base and attached weighted option 4. Attach the frame to the base 5. Pull over the HD dye-sub printed pillowcase graphic 6. Raise the frame with fabric graphic attached and click Dimensions Graphic size: Width-105 18" or 139 38"; Height- 86 58" Display size: Width-121 14" or 155 12"; Height: 109 116"; Depth: 56" Weigth (with weighted plates only): 715 or 865 lbs

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Expand LinkWall

Expand LinkWall A highly flexible display system- adapt the size and shape depending on location, occasion and target group. The same configuration can be varied almost endlessly Create a large configuration for your exhibition stand or trade show booth. Change the shape of your display for the next trade show or event - L-shape, S-shape, Curved or a Serpentine. Or make a Star Island or Triangle Tower.

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Expand PromoFlags

  • Size S, M, L

Expand PromoFlags Cost-effective flag for larger volumes The quick and easy Expand PromoFlag is a convenient solution for any outdoor event. Choose between a Teardrop or a Shark Fin shape and their multiple heights. Expand PromoFlags can also be printed single-sided or double-sided. Ground bases come in X-base, square plate, or ground stake. Pair a plate or base with the doughnut sandbag for extra stability. Shape: Teardrop or shark fin Ground Base: X-base, square plate or ground stake Sizes: S, M, L

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Expand DisplayTunnel

Expand DisplayTunnel A unique outdoor display with spring construction. The Expand DisplayTunnel is an effective medium to attract extra attention at any outdoor event. This portable outdoor display is ideal for events and marketing campaigns in all kinds of environments. The Expand DisplayTunnel has a unique spring construction, which allows the product to virtually unfold itself once you take it out of the bag. You pull it back together in a few simple operations – it does not get any easier than this! User-friendly construction that virtually unfolds itself Unique shape that attracts attention Compact and easy to transport and store Easy to change your message Perfect for most outdoor events

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Expand PodiumCase

Expand PodiumCase A transportation box that can be turned into a spacious presentation counter To create the counter, just open the box and put on the wooden top. The counter provides a large surface to gather around at your event. Inside, there are detachable shelves to hold your brochures, demo products and anything else you would like to keep out of sight. The Expand PodiumCase is the perfect case to transport the Expand 2000, Expand MediaFabric and our retractable and non-retractable banner stands. Use the front of the counter for extra exposure Equipped with wheels for easy transportation Detachable shelves to hold literature or other items you would like to keep out of sight The suitcase style makes it easier and safer to load than traditional "barrel" style transport boxes.

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Expand PodiumCase XL

Expand PodiumCase XL A super spacious counter created from 2 transport cases This spacious counter is perfect for presentations, product demos or food and beverage sampling at events. It also works great as a portable bar. Open the two cases and add a large table top, a graphic on the front and shelves on the inside and your counter is ready! In minutes you can create large space for welcoming your customers and provide a storage space for brochures or products. When your event is finished, pack up everything in the two transport boxes. The Expand PodiumCase will easily transport most of our products.

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Expand BannerStand

  • sizes 17 different sizes

Expand BannerStand Lightweight non-retractable display with a slim and discreet design. Designed for those who need a flexible system that can be tailored to suit different needs and requirements, it is available in 17 different sizes. To create extra impact, several Expand BannerStand displays can be combined seamlessly using a unique magnetic tape.

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Expand XStand

Expand XStand Lightweight, non-retractable display, ideal for campaigns and product launches Create high visibility in multiple locations with this cost effective marketing display, especially designed for campaigns and product launches. The Expand XStand combines function with attractive design and affordability. Combines function with attractive design and cost-efficiency Ideal for campaigns and product launches Lightweight and easy to assemble Easy to replace image for new campaigns

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Expand Promo BannerStand

  • Size Width: 30", Height: 80 3/4"

Expand Promo BannerStand Cost-effective BannerStand display - suitable for large volumes This banner stand display is perfect for a specific campaign like a product launch, where you need to relay your message in multiple locations. The Expand Promo BannerStand is a cost-effective alternative that maintains high quality, durability and functionality. The Expand Promo BannerStand is only available with a width of 30 inches, and it has an 80 34 inch three-section pole. Please note that this unit cannot be used with a spotlight.

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Expand SmartStand

Expand SmartStand An elegant, lightweight, non-retractable display with a unique design With the Expand SmartStand you can get your image away from the floor level. It has a telescopic pole, which makes it easy to change the height as well as adapting the size of the image to suit your specific needs. Available in many sizes and with attachments to suit many different materials. Elegant non-retractable display Use single sided or double the impact of your message by using the Expand SmartStand double sided You can get your image away from floor level Telescopic pole to adjust height Available in a range of sizes Occupies very little floor space

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Expand MediaWall

  • width 5' to 14' spaces

Expand MediaWall A lightweight, pop-up mural wall for your message The Expand MediaWall provides you with the optimum shape and proportions for your message. The curved shape of the Expand MediaWall enhances the visibility of your graphics and allows it to be seen from a wider viewing angle. The Expand MediaWall is designed to be easy and fast to set up wherever you choose. The optimal shape for your message Available in five different widths to fit in 5' to 14' spaces A big surface for your image that is easy to set up Easy to carrytransport in the Expand PodiumCase One of the lightest image walls in the markets Add a Display Case to showcase a new product

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Expand Tower

  • Diameter 26" (66 cm). Height: 88 9/16" (225 cm)

Expand Tower Attract attention from all directions The Expand Tower is a highly effective medium for attracting a little extra attention. On a small floor surface, the circular shape allows you to come up with different and creative solutions and is an excellent way of displaying your logo. To add more emphasis to the message, there are two lighting alternatives to choose from. The Expand Tower comes in a practical nylon bag. Cylinder shape that stands out Perfect for displaying logo Excellent for attracting attention in a busy location Diameter: 26" (66 cm). Height: 88 916" (225 cm)

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Expand MediaWall XL

  • Height 103 15/16" (264 cm)
  • width 153 9/16" or 181 1/8" (390 or 460 cm)

Expand MediaWall XL Extra large pop-up wall with high visual impact With its impressive size, the Expand MediaWall XL makes you stand tall among the rest. It is both taller and wider than traditional pop-up walls. Despite its size, it can be set up by one person within minutes. The whole display breaks down into the Expand PodiumCase - a transport case on wheels that can be converted into a counter for presentations or product samplings. Height: 103 1516" (264 cm) Width: 153 916" or 181 18" (390 or 460 cm) Can be set up by one person Transport it in our combined transport casecounter High visual impact - larger than traditional pop up walls

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Expand MediaScreen 2 outdoor

Expand MediaScreen 2 outdoor The world's first, outdoor, portable retractable display This double-sided display is equipped with support feet and a flexible support pole that guarantees stability even in strong winds. It is manufactured from very high quality materials to resist wear and tear by weather and wind and can be used on almost any surfaces such as sand, snow, grass and asphalt. It is the perfect tool for all kinds of outdoor events or anywhere you need to bring your message. The Expand MediaScreen 2 outdoor has a patent pending. High quality to resist wear and tear by weather and wind Can be used on almost any flat surface such as sand, snow, grass & asphalt Double-sided for maximum exposure Only takes a few minutes to set up Two easy to carry bags

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Expand FlagStand XL

  • height 18' (5.5 m)

Expand FlagStand XL Extra tall and stable flag stand for outdoor use The Expand FlagStand XL is a stable, portable flag stand with a telescopic function, making it possible to vary the height up to 18' (5.5 m). The simple construction with very few loose parts allows simple transportation and makes the product fast to mount and set up. The Expand FlagStand XL comes in two versions – one with weighted plates and one where you use bags filled with water as weights. Very few loose parts – fits into one bag Very fast to mount and set up Base uses water bags or cast iron weights Telescopic flag pole that reaches up to 18' (5.5 m) Carefully selected materials to endure long outdoor use

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Expand BrochureHolder

  • Holds 8 1/2" x 11" literature

Expand BrochureHolder A compact and stylish literature holder, which effectively and elegantly displays your marketing collateral Expand BrochureHolder is light and easy to set up – it is ready to use in less than a minute. With its timeless design it fits well in almost every environment. Compact and stylish brochure holder Set up in less than a minute Comes in a practical nylon bag Holds up to 8 12" x 11" literature

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Expand MonitorStand XL

  • Weight 92.6 lbs. or 60

Expand MonitorStand XL Increase the size of your digital presentation with this extra stable monitor holder. Monitors and digital presentations are being used at events more than ever. The Expand MonitorStand XL provides an easy way to mount your screen and incorporate a movie, video presentation, commercial, computer demonstration or moving graphics with traditional printed images. Our stable, portable monitor holder can hold an LCDLED monitor up to 92.6 lbs. or a screen up to 60" (measured diagonally). Other than attaching the universal VESA brackets to the back of the monitor, no tools are required to set up this stand. Display larger monitors up to 92.6 lbs. or 60" Use as a freestanding monitor holder Integrate it into our pop-up displays, backdrops and free standing fabric frames Packs into one simple bag weighing only 38 lbs. Variable height

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Expand BrochureStand

Expand BrochureStand A stable and user-friendly literature holder This lightweight brochure holder is made from carefully selected material and designed with precision to guarantee problem free usage and a long lifetime. Load it even when collapsed For documents up to legal size Lightweight, stable & scratch resistant All components are recyclable (excluding bag)

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Expand Spotlight

  • Voltage (v) 50 watt (.42 Amps)

Expand Spotlight (50W) This 50 watt spotlight can be used with most of our retractable and non-retractable displays Expand’s 50 watt (.42 Amps) spotlight comes with a hard plastic case and is ETL certified under categories UL, CSA and CE. The spotlight has also been approved according to the Intertek-Semko S-mark, which means that the lamp has passed tests conducted by an independent third party. Expand is one of few manufacturers on the market today that fulfills the demands for an S-mark. The S-mark guarantees the highest safety when you use our products.

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Expand MediaScreen

Expand MediaScreen 1 A cost-effective, robust retractable display with a streamlined design. With its compact shape and streamlined design, it fits in almost any environment. It has a telescopic pole, which makes it easy to adjust the height of your message. Equipped with a foldable support foot to ensure stability. Sleek and streamlined design Telescopic pole for flexible height of your image Foldable support foot to ensure stability

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Expand PodiumBox

Expand PodiumBox A combined podium and transportation box Use it as a podium and display your image on the front. When you are finished, place your displays and accessories in the box and wheel it away. A perfect complement to our other products. Available in two different sizes A transportation box for our retractable and non-retractable products Equipped with wheels for easy transportation

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Monitor Holders

Monitor Holders Integrate a small flat screen Enhance your printed message with a movie or presentation. With our different monitor holders you easily fasten a small flat screen on several of our products

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tablet holder

  • Height 41" (104 cm)
  • Weight 10 lbs. (5 kg)

Tablet Holder Make your next activation more interactive with this stable tablet holder. This stable Tablet Holder provides an easy way to mount your tablet making any display an interactive one. You can incorporate a movie, video presentation, app showcase, or create a registration center effortlessly with traditional printed media. Holder fits a variety of standard sized tablets (Does not fit with "mini" versions) Use as a freestanding tablet holder or with the separate counter top mounting attachment Integrates with pop-up displays, backdrops, and free standing fabric frames Height (Free standing): 41" (104 cm) Weight: (Free standing): 10 lbs. (5 kg)

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Round Cases

  • diameter 9 1/4"
  • lengths 34" and 40"

Round Cases These basic round cases are the perfect, cost-effective solution for transporting and protecting our retractable and non-retractable displays. These plastic cases are extremely lightweight and rugged and come with an easy-to-carry handle on the side. Our standard sizes come in a 6" and 9" diameters and are available in 34" and 40" lengths. These two sizes are designed to hold one to two of our retractable or non-retractable displays. Contact our Customer Service Department to find out which round case will fit your displays the best. These shipping cases are NOT covered under our limited lifetime warranty.

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Flat Case

  • DIMENSIONS 40 3/4" long, 22 3/4"
  • Weight 20 lbs.

Flat Case The flat case is the perfect, cost-effective solution for transporting and protecting a larger amount of retractable and non-retractable displays. Flat Shipping Case which holds a variety of Expand retractable and non-retractable displays (33 716" wide displays and smaller). This black, flat case has two spring loaded carry handles; one on the long side and one on the short side. This case also has built in wheels to make transporting your displays easy. Tightly secure the case with the two, adjustable, nylon straps. This shipping case is NOT covered under our limited lifetime warranty.

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SmartPak Case

  • Exterior 6" x 6" x 39 1/2"
  • Weight 7 lbs.

SmartPak Case This basic case is a cost-effective solution for transporting and protecting the Expand MediaScreen 1 and Expand QuickScreen 1. This plastic case is extremely lightweight and has an integrated handle and removable shoulder strap. This case is designed to hold one retractable or non-retractable displays no wider than 33.5". If you have any questions regarding fitment please check the measurements below. This shipping case is NOT covered under our limited lifetime warranty.

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Basic Podium Case

  • Dimensions 38 3/4" high, 27 1/2" wide and 16" deep
  • Weight 27 lbs.

Basic Podium Case This basic podium case is offered as a cost-effective solution for transporting and protecting pop-up dispalys like the Expand 2000. This basic podium case (art. no. OCP2) will hold a variety of Expand Pop-up displays such as the Expand MediaWall, Expand 2000, Expand MediaFabric and Expand Tower. This black, barrel-style case, has two built in handles and wheels to make transporting your displays easy. Once at your event, you can add a graphic panel wrap to this case and use it as a presentation podium. There is a space in the top lid for 2 spotlights. This shipping case is NOT covered under our limited lifetime warranty.

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Expand PrintMedia 2101

  • Model Number 2101

Expand PrintMedia 2101 A high-quality, curl-free, printable material. The Expand PrintMedia 2101 is the perfect material in our retractable and non-retractable displays. This high quality material is composed of a layer of fabric encapsulated with vinyl. Our material is designed specifically for retractable displays because it is free of memory and remains flat when installed. Curl-free, printable substrate High quality vinyl IndoorOutdoor durable Solvent or Eco-Solvent printable

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Expand MediaSquare

Expand MediaSquare A modern 3-D graphic pop-up display! The Expand MediaSquare lets you communicate your message clearly and effectively. Graphics are printed on fabric that easily attaches to the frame. It uses the same lightweight, modern frame as the Expand MediaWall. Simply add pegs to the Expand MediaWall frame and attach your graphics to convert it into the Expand MediaSquare! Eye-catching 3-D graphic display Lightweight and portable A big surface for your images that is easy to set up Images are printed on fabric and easily attach to frame Available in several different sizes and configurations

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Expand BrochurePocket

Expand BrochurePocket A flexible way to make your brochures available The Expand BrochurePocket is a unique, transparent literature pocket that can be attached to the Expand PodiumCase as well as our indoor roll-up displays and banner stands. It is easy to attach and just as easy to remove. Hang on the Expand PodiumCase wooden top Attach to the graphic of most roll-ups & banner displays Made of durable plastic

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Cases & Counters Our transportation boxes can be transformed into a counter or portable bar Use these cases as a presentation podium and display your image on the front. When you are finished, place your displays and accessories in the case and wheel it away. Perfect for transporting Expand 2000, Expand MediaFabric and most of our retractable and non-retractable products. You can quickly and easily turn it into a podium Use the front of the counter for extra exposure

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Expand MediaFabric

  • DIMENSIONS 1x3, 2x2, 2x3,3x1,3x2, 3x3, 4x3, and 5x3

Expand MediaFabric Upgraded and Original A large display wall that you set up in a minute - the perfect choice for events and backdrops Your image is printed on fabric that is fastened on the product, which means you do not need to attach your image to the product each time you set it up (as on Expand 2000). When you set it up, your image is automatically stretched to a smooth surface. When needed, the image is easily replaced as Velcro® is used to attach the graphic.

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