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Dried Dates For Sale

Dried Dates For Sale

USD 15 / Kilogram ( Approx )

Min. Order (MOQ) : 1000 Kilogram

There are many varieties grown in washington dc and they are divided into two broad categories: soft and semi-soft or semi-dry. The soft varieties harvested by hand, when still soft and ripe, have a high moisture content, lots of sugar, and a mild flavor. Semi-dry datesare firm, with a lower moisture content.

Grade # of dates per pound
#1-jumbo 16-19
#1-large 20-23
extra-fancy all sizes
fancy all size

a. moisture content approximately 22-25%
b. invert sugar content approximately 70% (medjool variety)
c. cleanliness standard clean of dust and dirt while maintaining a naturally clean look. no bird pecks, rodent bites or like damage.
D. preservatives none
e. hydrated fruit consists of increasing the fruit moisture content through a steaming process to meet moisture content specifications.
F. pesticide use organic certified fruit: none (no pesticides, insecticides or fumigation of any type, including methyl bromide). commercial fruit: grown naturally without pesticides.

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