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Advanced Corona Ignition System

Advanced Corona Ignition System

ACIS uses a high-energy, high frequency electrical field to produce repeatable, controlled ionization, creating multiple streams of ions to ignite the fuel mixture throughout the combustion chamber. Conventional spark ignition creates only a small arc in the gap between the electrodes of a spark plug.
Optimized for ease of implementation, the “two-piece” igniter architecture allows engine manufacturers to replace traditional coil and plug systems with no adverse impact on engine design or assembly.
This advanced system technology:
Enables advanced combustion strategies leading to fuel economyCO2 improvements higher than 10% over a wide speed load range
Larger ignition source: Multiple 25 mm long streamers vs. single 1 mm arc in spark
Higher dilution (EGR) tolerance: 35% vs. 25%
Extended lean limit combustion stability λ = 1.8 vs. 1.5
Robust combustion initiated in as little as 30 μs
Faster burnless delay: 5° less ignition advance than spark
Enhances HCCI capability
Advanced controls (Ignition Optimization System) to enable consistent corona operation through entire speed-load range
Compatible with existing gasoline engine architectures
Proven materials and design strategies to speed readiness for volume production
Patent pending

  • Markets : Light Vehicle
  • Product Category : Ignition - Spark Plugs

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