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Goetze CKS Piston Rings

Goetze CKS Piston Rings

Goetze CKS® Piston Rings for 4-Stroke Large Bore Engines
CKS® was developed specifically for piston rings in the top groove in highly rated diesel engines. CKS has a crack network filled with aluminum oxide ceramic particles, giving significantly lower wear rate and scuff resistance compared to hard chromium.
Chrome ceramic coating (CKS®) galvanic coating
Main applications: compression rings
High wear resistance, low cylinder wear, high thermal loading capacity
Coating material: Chromium and aluminium oxide
Coating application process: Electrochemical deposition
Coating structure: Chromium coating with aluminium oxide (Al203)
Hardness of coating: 900 - 1200 HV 0.1
In order to improve the wear resistance and tribological properties of the rings, different coatings have been used on running surfaces for many years. Galvanic coatings, thermal coatings and PVD coatings are used. With demands on the load levels of modern internal combustion engines ever increasing, there is often a need to improve the thermal andor mechanical load carrying capacity of piston ring coatings beyond early life. The patented coating system "Hard Chromium Matrix with Hard Particles Embedded in the Microcrack Network" meets such requirements for the whole life (thickness) of the coating. The variants resulting from the development effort, namely CKS® (chromium with aluminium oxide ceramic) and GDC® (chromium with microdiamond), have a crack network that extends either part-way or all the way through the thickness of the coating, depending on requirements, and is reinforced with embedded hard particles.

  • BRAND : Goetze
  • Product Category : Large Bore Engine

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