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Goetze CR4 Piston Rings

Goetze CR4 Piston Rings

Goetze CR4 Piston Rings for 4-Stroke Large Bore EnginesHard chromium coatings are used on compression rings where the mechanicalthermal loads are greatest and on oil control rings with particularly high unit pressure. Special lapping improves oil film formation and the scuff threshold loads.
CR4 Chrome coating
Main applications: compression rings, oil control rings
High wear resistance, low cylinder wear
Coating material: chromium
Coating application process: electrochemical deposition
Hardness of coating: 900 - 1200 HV 0.1
In order to improve the wear resistance and tribological properties of the rings, different coatings have been used on running surfaces for many years. Galvanic coatings, thermal coatings and PVD coatings are used. Coatings can suffer damage in early life or after lengthy operating times. Adhesive wear (scuffing) andor fatigue-related peeling (the "peel and polish" phenomenon) can occur. For these reasons we developed a special surface topography, the special lap finish, as an addition to the standard lapping process used for hard chromium coatings. Special lapping improves oil film formation in early life and shifts the scuff threshold of hard chromed rings towards higher tolerable loads. The surface structure - plateaus alternating with valleys - eliminates roughness peaks, creates good bearing surfaces for a tight seal and contains oil pockets with the result that critical early-life conditions are better controlled.

  • BRAND : Goetze
  • Product Category : Large Bore Engine

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