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Goetze Internally Bevelled Piston Rings

Goetze Internally Bevelled Piston Rings

Goetze Internally Bevelled Piston Rings for 4-Stroke Large Bore Engines
Edge relief on the top side of rectangulartaper faced rings creates a twist effect which, without gas pressure loading, brings the ring into bore contact only with its bottom outer edge while the inner edge contacts the bottom groove side.
Compression rings
Internally Bevelled or Stepped Ring in combination with rectangular or taper faced ring
One common feature of all piston rings is a slot and that they are manufactured to be non-circular. This non-circular form is necessary so that the piston ring exerts an exactly defined pressure over the whole ring circumference when inserted in the circular cylinder. This pressure can be distributed evenly over the circumference; however, a negative oval form is generally aimed for. This means that the pressure in the area of the slot is lower than on the remaining circumference which avoids increased pressure on the slot during operation of the engine.

  • BRAND : Goetze
  • Product Category : Large Bore Engine

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