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IROX Polymer Coated Bearings

IROX Polymer Coated Bearings

IROX® Polymer Coated Bearings
IROX Bearings on Production Line prev
IROX Bearings on Production Line Single bearing
The innovative IROX® bearing coating improves fuel consumption and lowers CO2 emissions by reducing friction and wear in hybrid and startstop engine designs, as well as enabling the downsizing of high output engines through increased bearing strength and reliability.
It is estimated that IROX can increase the life of the bearing shells by more than five times in extreme engine applications.
Features and benefits include:
Improved wear-resistance, better sliding properties and increased fatigue strength over conventional bimetal bearings
Polymer resin binder with anti-wear and solid lubricant additions to address intermittent lubrication situations
Works well with nodular cast iron and forged steel crankshafts, therefore accommodating cost efficient or high performance engine architecture
Polymer coating for enhanced load bearing and boundary lubrication conditions
Greater wettability increases rate at which hydrodynamic film builds when engine starts – superior performance in stop-start applications
Up to 90% lower wear than conventional bare Aluminum bearings
Up to 30% lower coefficient of friction than bare Aluminum bearings
Up to 25% higher load carrying capability than Aluminum bearings

  • Markets : Light Vehicle Heavy-Duty
  • Product Category : Bearings, Bushings and Washers

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