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Magnum Monosteel Pistons

Magnum Monosteel Pistons

The next-generation of the award-winning Monosteel® piston, Magnum Monosteel®, reduces piston mass by up to seven percent and includes key design features that reduce friction for improved fuel economy and lower emissions. Key features include:
Double-band piston skirt design, a first for modern diesel pistons
Dual friction-welded construction, enabling large cooling galleries for high temperature resistance and strength
Friction reduction of 17 percent, when compared to conventional steel piston designs
Evolution of Monosteel® with improved fuel economy for On-highway and industrial diesel engines.
One percent (1%) fuel economy achieved through reduced reciprocating mass (up to 7%) and up to 40% reduction in skirt area.
17% average friction reduction over conventional pistons in engine tests
Lower temperatures due to Monosteel® design of cooling gallery leading to increased durability
Patents pending

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