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Piston Pins

Piston Pins

Piston pins perform reliably under the loads and stresses of their environment and feature:
Strength and rigidity
Durability and a high fatigue threshold
Light weight to keep inertia forces to a minimum
Superior surface finish for good bearing properties within the piston assembly
Cost-effective production
Materials used in Federal-Mogul Powertrain piston pins include:
AE308 Boron steel for medium- and heavy-duty diesel applications
AE527 Chromium steel for cold-extruded gasoline pins
AE530 1 percent Chromium steel for cold-extruded diesel pins
Piston pin fit and clearance must be carefully optimized and controlled to avoid noise and excessive axial movement at one extreme, and scuffing at the other. Federal-Mogul manufactures pins by creating an extruded blank with a finished internal form rather than machining from solid bar. This process reduces waste and gives a high-quality, consistent and internal form. Piston pins are case-hardened, which involves carburizing, heat treatment and tempering to increase wear-resistance, strength and fatigue strength

  • Markets : Light Vehicle Heavy-Duty
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