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Our product range comtains a wide range of Insulation Laminates, Foam Tapes, construction tapes, Polyester Film Tapes and transfer adhesive tapes

Insulation Laminates

FLEXcon Industrial manufactures electrical insulation laminates used as dielectric barriers in motors, generators, and transformers. In addition to protection from dielectric breakdown, these laminates provide thermal protection in every UL recognized service temperature class. Substrates used include the highest quality papers, non-woven fabrics and dielectric films combined with high performance polymer adhesives and coatings. These laminates can withstand processing by automated equipment and can accept varnishes and resins used to encapsulate devices.

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Foam Tapes

FLEXcon Industrial’s foam tapes use only the highest quality polyolefin foams, adhesives, and release liners. We offer single or double coated products with a variety of foam types and densities including polyethylene, polyurethane, open cell, closed cell, medical grade, and fire resistant. Standard colors are black, white, and gray. Custom foams and colors are available upon request. Our adhesives cover a wide spectrum of peel, shear and tack to form bonds from aggressively permanent to easily removable. At FLEXcon Industrial, there is a product to fit your application needs. Contact us to discuss specific solutions to your applications.

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construction tapes

FLEXcon Industrial’s window-glazing tapes are designed for bonding to wood, glass, PVC and metal. Closed cell foam provides a 100% moisture proof seal, and resistance to water, dust, and light. Our glazing tapes utilize special high-density polyethylene or polypropylene release liners for easy peel and stick application.

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Polyester Film Tapes

FLEXcon Industrial’s double coated polyester film tapes have a thin 0.5 mil PET carrier with 2 to 5 mil of adhesive thickness. These products are conformable to a variety of substrates while offering dimensional stability. Applications include sealing, bonding, fabricating, and mounting. We also supply differentially coated products with different adhesives on both sides, such as a permanent adhesive on one side and a repositionable adhesive on the other.

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transfer adhesive tapes

FLEXcon Industrial’s unsupported transfer adhesive tapes are 100% adhesive with a differentially coated release liner. The release liner is removed upon application, leaving only the adhesive. Each of these tapes is offered from 2 to 5 mil adhesive thickness. Applications include sealing, joining, fabricating and mounting.

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Phenolic Coated

As a component in airbag inflators, we manufacture an Aluminum foil coated with a Phenolic based non-tacky b-stage thermosetting adhesive. Once fully cured the adhesive provides extremely high bond strength with a moisture barrier seal.

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epoxy coated

FLEXcon Industrial supplies multiple products coated with an Epoxy based thermosetting adhesive for Bus Bar and Power Distribution applications. Our Epoxy coated products include insulation films, papers, and laminates in b-stage form used for heat press bonding to powder coated copper and other conducting metals.

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AFR Coated

FLEXcon Industrial’s Acrylic Flame Retardant (AFR) adhesives can be coated onto many flexible substrates including Kapton, Nomex, and Polyester (PET). Our AFR adhesives are supplied in b-stage form and can be fully cured with heat and pressure. Flammability ratings range from UL V0 to V1 when subjected to a vertical burn test…meaning our products have varying degrees of self-extinguishing properties. Please contact us for more information about the flammability ratings of our products.

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PVC Heat Seal

We offer aluminum foil tape coated on one side with a PVC heat seal, and a pressure sensitive adhesive on the other side. These heat seal foil tapes are used to make flexible wire heaters for refrigerators, coffee makers, and other household appliances. They can also be used as moisture barriers, sealing for heating and air conditioning, sheet metal repair, and X-ray shielding.

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