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Our offered Product range includes Cleanroom Assembly Services, Custom Thermal Spray Coating Services, Custom Engineered Hard Anodize Services, prototype services and Thermal Sprayed Electrostatic Chuck Design.

Milling Machine

FM Industries, Inc. has been providing prototype and production manufacturing machining solutions for over 20 years. We are focused on efficiency and quality through high speed machining, cellular manufacturing, critical process control and supplier management. Our expertise is extensive and ranges from horizontal milling, vertical milling, turning, 5-axis machining including supporting processes such as welding, brazing, heat treating, and much more. We use the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment and software. To compete in the highly competitive global markets, we are focused on effective process design and control to provide products and services that are consistently high in quality, on time and at prices that are competitive. We provide our customers with a range of products including complex components, electrostatic chucks, load locks, chambers, showerheads and more. We have expertise working with a wide variety of materials and coatings. Customer orders, manufacturing scheduling, product movement, inventory and material orders are controlled and tracked using a fully-integrated ERP system. Before shipping products to our customers, they are subjected to rigorous testing and inspection to assure product quality. Please contact us with any questions and see below for details.

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Cleanroom Assembly Services

FM Industries, Inc. specializes in assembly, integration and testing of critical electro-mechanical assemblies in our class 10, 000 cleanroom, . A wide variety of products such as, chamber modules, throttle valves, cathodes, lid assemblies, dome temperature control units and electrostatic chucks are assembled and tested. Cleanroom inspection capability includes dimensional, helium leak check, rate of rise, performance and functional testing. Adjacent to the cleanroom assembly area is an additional class 10, 000 cleanroom dedicated to Autoclave bonding. Typical applications include bonding dissimilar materials using compliant, thermally conductive sheet adhesives. Supporting equipment includes fully automated vacuum prebake ovens for out-gassing adhesives, cutter plotters for accurate material geometry and clean room ovens for post bond baking. Finished parts are thoroughly inspected for critical alignment, bond integrity and performance requirements. Please contact us with any questions, and see below for additional details

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Custom Thermal Spray Coating Services

FSPSSM Thermal Spray Coating Services have a proven track record in meeting the most difficult and complex coating challenges. Our expert chemical, mechanical, and material sciences engineering staff routinely manage complex application development projects and custom coating R&D requests. Our most common substrate is aluminum, both anodized and bare, but we also have experience with a variety of other materials. Standard coatings include Yttria, Alumina, and Cophase Oxides. We can also create custom blended coatings to fit specific application needs. Substrates are prepared for coating by our proprietary robotic surface texturing process and a precision “pre-coat” cleaning. Our coatings feature low plasma erosion rates, high corrosion resistance, high service temperature, high dielectric strength, and low porosity. Quality control parameters include hardness, porosity, micro structural analysis, and adhesion. We have a fully equipped Research and Development laboratory that is actively working on “next generation” coatings and materials for 20nm technology and beyond. FMI is dedicated to the semiconductor industry and has met the challenge of stringent trace metal and particle requirements. For more information about our thermal spray coating services, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Custom Engineered Hard Anodize Services

FM Industries, Inc. anodizing process strengthens and protects Aluminum alloys by converting the Aluminum alloy surface to Aluminum oxide. Our process is completely traceable and repeatable with 60, 000 data points collected per anodizing run. Working primarily with 5000- and 6000-series alloys, we can also accommodate custom alloys. Our electrolytic solutions include standard sulfuric acid, standard mixed acid, and custom multi-mixed acids. Our rack tanks and fully automated system, including a robotic hoist, can handle parts up to 78” long, 24” wide, and 48” high. Parts can weigh up to 1, 000 lb. Anodize film thicknesses up to 4 mils on 6000 series and 5 mils on 5000 series are available. All coatings are fully tested for thickness, abrasion resistance, and roughness and can meet HCL bubble test resistance of greater than 8 hours. Voltage breakdown can exceed 1000 Vmil. FMI offers a chemical engineering staff that works with each individual client to develop an anodizing solution that is custom designed to each application. For more information on our custom electrolytic and hard anodizing services, please see the table below or contact us directly. We look forward to working with you.

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prototype services

For over 20 years, FM Industries, Inc. has been providing customers with the most effective prototyping services available. With a focus on exceptional quality and fast results, we at FMI are committed to excellence in every way. Our dedicated prototype team produces highly complex and critical components and assemblies for the semiconductor industry. We consistently exceed our customers' expectations by meeting their speed to market requirements and maintaining the highest quality standards. Our new product development capabilities include the most technologically advanced machinery on the market today. We have a variety of CNC machines and the ability to use true 5 axis machining and 3D modeling capabilities. Our machinery is supported by the most advanced, up to date, CAD CAM packages on the market. Our programmers receive ongoing training to ensure optimum utilization of our softwarehardware capabilities. In addition we transition prototype parts seamlessly to the production environment as all prototype machines are mirrored in the production department. If our team is involved at the early stages of product design, we provide manufacturability solutions to reduce costs and enhance ease of manufacturing. Our team members average 20+ years of experience and have developed parts using information ranging from hand sketches to fully engineered 3D models. We work with a variety of materials ranging from high performance plastics to all types of metal. We have the ability to work with large parts up to a 45 inch cube or consistently maintain tolerances down to .0002 of an inch. Our seasoned journeymen technicians take pride in every part they manufacture and subject every product to a full series of quality steps. All parts are operator inspected multiple times before they get to our Quality Assurance department to guarantee our customers get the part they expect...every time! With additional services available and the fastest lead times around, FMI can provide the perfect solution to your prototyping needs along with the seamless transfer into a production environment. Please contact us with any questions, and see below for details.

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Thermal Sprayed Electrostatic Chuck Design

FM Industries employs a dedicated R&D and engineering staff that is committed to providing each customer with individualized service and design to produce an electrostatic chuck (ESC) that suits their application. Our engineers work cooperatively with customers to provide an optimized total ESC solution for improved tool performance. Our proprietary manufacturing process enables FMI to fabricate ESC’s from 100mm to 450mm with customer specified geometries. All ESC’s feature high clamping forces, quick chuck and de-chuck times, and anti-arc design for high bias applications. Our advanced technology gives customers clamping capability of a wide variety of materials that are not only conductive but also dielectric such as Glass and Sapphire. All ESC’s are tested to fully meet customer specifications.

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Hard Anodizing Semiconductor Alloys

FM Industries, Inc. has extensive experience handling projects for the semiconductor industry, this is why this client came to us for automated hard anodizing of high purity alloys. Our state-of-the-art hard anodizing process is fully automated and offers controls on over 28 operating parameters. To begin the anodizing process, the surface was prepared to customer specifications. Sealing surfaces were polished to < 16 min Ra. To increase corrosion resistance, this 6000 series high purity alloy were anodized with a next generation multi-mixed acid electrolyte. Our automated process collects up to 60, 000 data points per run in real time and we custom engineer to meet the specific needs of the customer.

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Semiconductor Thermal Spray Coatings

FM Industries, Inc. offers customized solutions to manufacturing challenges. As clients in the semiconductor industry know, our thermal spray coatings offer high corrosion resistance with high bonding strength to ensure durability. Using our proprietary FSPS™ robotically controlled coating system, we provide a vast line of simple to complex ceramic oxide coatings meeting the strictest industry requirements. Complex part geometries are not a problem for us at FMI. We work with materials such as Yttria, Alumina, Yttria stabilized Zirconia, composite blends, co-phase coatings, and custom blends. Our coatings have low plasma erosion and high bond strength and can operate in temperatures of >300°C.

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Interdigitated Electrode Design

In semiconductor processes, as critical dimension gets smaller, more bias RF power is applied to induce more DC bias on wafer. This in turn makes the requirement for backside gas pressure higher and plasma erosion more critical in electrostatic chuck performance. To overcome these challenges, FMI invented and commercialized a new advanced ESC using hybrid technology. Additionally, To satisfy the high demand for ESC’s to clamp dielectric substrates such as sapphire, glass, etc., FMI has developed new interdigitated electrode designs and manufacturing processes. This advanced design and manufacturing methodology allow customers to choose an optimal design based on their specific process requirements.

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450MM Semiconductor Tool Prototype Development

New Product Introduction and meeting and exceeding speed to market requirements has been just one of FMI’s differentiating services for over a decade. A Key part of our R&D service is, critical component and assembly development. From researching manufacturability to defining parameters for production readiness is a daily activity in FMIs R&D department. Full 5 Axis high speed machining capabilities Seamless transfer to production Bill of materials development State of the art equipment and software Dedicated R&D staff and equipment

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