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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Footbag, Hania 32 Freestyle Footbag, Fourkast Fuggler and Fourkast 14 Spike Footbag


  • Category Footbags

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to great footbags? Better hold dat. With its aerodynamic circumference and sleek paneling, the Lanza 32 footbag make you question what you thought quality was before. Hand crafted by none other than Steven Lanza of Illinois, this 32 panel freestyle footbag will remind you what greatness looks like. Part of our community made collection, this footbag is one of our best and we’re proud to carry it. Made from ultra suede light and filled a mix of metal beads and sand, you’ll find it incredibly easy to stall and perform tricks. Plus we promise you’ll walk a little taller with the Lanza 32 footbag in your pocket, not to mention when kicking with it they’ll all know who you are. The Lanza 32; get on its level.

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Hania 32 Freestyle Footbag

  • Category Footbags

What's that you say? You've kicked with the best footbagshacky sacks in the world? That must mean you've kicked with the Hania 32 freestyle footbag, as it's one of the best footbags in the universe. The universe is a really big place just so you know. Hand crafted from with quality synthetic suede from the lost continent of Europe you'll be impressed at how broken in the footbag feels even though its brand new. Don't believe me? Give it a try and we guarantee you won't be disappointed. Used by many of the top freestyle footbag players of our current era, you certainly could do worse. The Hania 32 footbag; so nice you won't know what to do with yourself when you're not kicking with it.

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Fourkast Fuggler

  • Filler Mix
  • Fabric Ultrasuede, Amaretta
  • Fullness Loose

You like to juggle… and play footbag? Then this unique jugglingfootbag is just what you are looking for. At Fourkast, we have coined the new term ‘Fuggler’, which is a mix of footbag and juggling! Originally designed by Fourkast’s own Nick Landes, these larger sized 14 paneled beanbags are great all purpose bags. Hand crafted right here in Portland Oregon, they are specially sewn by one of the top freestylers in the world. The vibrant colors of the fabric make these bags extremely visiable up close and far away. This bag was designed to be a bit larger for performance reasons, but it still stalls and sets amazingly. If you are casual ‘hacky sack’ player, you will appreciate the ‘easy to see and kick’ aspects of the Fuggler. If you are a peforming freestyle footbag player, the bag is again great for its visability to large crowds. Made from Ultrasuede Light and filled a bit heavier with our very own Nix Mix blend, the Fourkast Fuggler is awesome for juggling, footbag playing, performing, or all three put together! Give them a try; you will be hooked before you know it!

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Fourkast 14 Spike Footbag

  • Weight 55 g
  • Filler Mix
  • Fabric Ultrasuede

Part of our Spike Series footbags, the Fourkast 14 Spike Footbag is a fun twist on the kicking experience. It performs and kicks like a regular Fourkast 14, but with one expection. That’s right, it has spikes! Though it’s playability is the same as the regular Fourkast 14, this version is more visible due to the added synthetic suede spikes sewn into the seams. Whether you are a casual kicking ‘hacky sack’ player, or a competitive footbag freestyler looking to mix it up, we gaurantee you will enjoy this versatile footbag at whatever level. Give the Fourkast 14 Spike a whirl, and you will know immediately that you are kicking with a fun and unique footbag!

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