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We offer the best product range of adhesive coating, SEMICONDUCTOR ACCUPLACE, Precision Slitting Machines, Semiconductor KAPTON and die cutting.

adhesive coating

When an off-the-shelf product will not meet your adhesive technology needs, it is time to look into customized solutions. Fralock has over 40 years of proven history in developing specialty and custom adhesives and composite materials for your unique applications. The days of simply applying a “standard” adhesive are over. We, at Fralock, understand that the demands of the marketplace are extending beyond the substrate and into adhesive coating technologies. We can help you match your application to a proper adhesive coating for maximum performance. Whether you require and acrylic, rubber or silicone-based adhesive, Fralock is there for your adhesive coating services. Let us help you navigate through the many adhesive coating methods available and select the adhesive designed specifically for your application. Fralock is able to offer custom design and custom adhesive coating on a variety of materials. Custom adhesives can be provided in tape, sheet, or precision die cut form.

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  • Item Number: 3065

AccuPlace Model 3065 will help you: Easily integrate with existing automatic or semi automatic processes Boost production yields on even the tightest tolerance—as tight as ±0.002″ Cut setup and changeover time Reduce maintenance and labor costs Increase throughput while reducing waste Significantly improve product quality AccuPlace Model 3065 Film Adhesive and Label Applicator makes it easier for you to handle high precision adhesive electronics subcomponents with a capacity of 3.0” x 6.5” (7.6 cm x 16.5 cm) down to micro labels easily and accurately, including low level adhesion and optically clear components, foam components, bubble-free protective film, multiple subcomponent shapes and contours, and much more. From clean room environments to fully automated production, the AccuPlace Model 3065 is ideal for your diverse customer requirements. The AccuPlace Model 3065 Macro-to-Micro label machine can be configured to run in your choice of semi-automatic, continuous or in robot mode (film adhesive feeding systems) giving you the greatest flexibility. And with more than 15 optional accessories, you can transform the AccuPlace Model 3065 to maximize your capabilities for speed, capacity and complexity. Our patented peeling technology lets you peel and apply even the most difficult labels and components with accuracy and precision. And our robust design makes operation easier for operators of all skill levels.

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Precision Slitting Machines

Fralock is one of the largest manufacturers providing precision slitting, converting and fabrication services. The highly knowledgeable design engineers at Fralock work with you to assist in material selection for any custom design to ensure the most cost effective results. We offer quick turnaround and rapid prototype manufacturing using the latest CAD software. Fralock’s custom slitting, enabling us to meet our customer’s critical and stringent requirements. Our experience and adaptability has continually proven beneficial to our clients exacting design requirements.Fralock offers clean room capabilities for slitting and maintains a stringent in-house quality control system. We are an ISO and AS9100 registered USA manufacturer. Custom manufacturing equipment is required in order to properly convert each material (film, tape, foil, etc.) and Fralock offers a variety of slitting methods in order to meet customer contract manufacturing needs.

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Semiconductor KAPTON

DuPont KAPTON® Thin FilmsDuPont™ KAPTON® DuPont™ KAPTON® is a leader in the high performance films industry, offering over 40 years of diverse products, global technical support and customer service. DuPont has set a high standard in the polyimide film markets with its durability and performance in extreme temperature environments.

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die cutting

Fralock is an industry leader in specialty die cutting and converting of flexible materials. Fralock provides custom manufacturing solutions for our customers’ critical parts for custom shapes, multi-layers, waste reduction, automated processing, and improved end product quality and longevity. We proudly maintain a modern manufacturing facility with the latest most technologically advanced die cutting machinery today. When Fralock’s engineering team consults on the application, we are able to incorporate die cutting techniques that best fit the needs of the customer. Process features such as kiss cutting, matrix removal, island placement, scoring, de-slugging, collating, or tabbing are designed into the jobs as required. With over 40 years of experience Fralock offers some of the most unique solutions in the world to our customers!

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cnc milling

Fralock provides custom CNC cutting service that includes CNC milling, drilling, and routing. Our in house capabilities allow us to hold critical tolerances on flatness, true hole position and parallelism. Whether it’s a prototype or large quantities, we can insure no warping or bowing of your parts. We can offer quick turn-around and tight tolerances, with production like quality. Let Fralock, custom manufacturing, accommodate all of your CNC milling needs. CNC machines offer many benefits over manual machines of the same type. Since the machines are using complicated programs, many parts that were not previously possible are now being created. You can often do this right at a CNC control and run the program immediately. These machines save time and money, resulting in cost saving due to lower amounts of waste from mistakes.

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