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100% Pure Natural Bees Wax (2121)

100% Pure Natural Bees Wax (2121)

We are offering 100% pure natural bees wax. Pure refined yellow and white beeswax pellets, natural honey. Beeswax range: crude beeswax, yellow beeswax refined, white beeswax refined, yellow beeswax pellets, white beeswax pellets.

Pure beeswax supply ability: we can supply 20 tons (fcl) beeswax within one week. we can load container & arrange shipment for you.

pure beeswax usages:
it is widely used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, fragrant candles, polish, waterproofing and to make foundation comb for beehives.

Pure honey , 100% natural honey
1. 100% nature, organic bee honey
2. No any additives
3. Packed with gif 100% natural

100% natural honey with different nature wild flowers
color:max 12mm,moisture max 18%,fructose min 42%
sucrose max 5%,hmfmax 20ppm,diastase min 8.3%,

acacia honey parameter
color: max.12mm
fg: 1.2min
moisture: max.18%
hmf : max.20ppm
diastase: min.8.3
fructose: min.42%
reducing sugar: 76-77%
sucrose: max.5%
c-13: -23.5 or more negative
difference between c-13honey
and c-13protein: less than 1
antibiotics: not detectable
minimum order: 20.3mt

1.packing: 25kg plastic woven bag or 25kgdrum can be designed by customers

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