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Dry Yeast (00062)

Dry Yeast (00062)

We offer dry yeast .

1. Baking bread, steamed bread, scones
2. Iso9001, haccp, halal
3. Fast fermentation 580-750mlh
4. Fast delivery
5. Oem

powder baking yeast , bakery dry yeast, active yeast, active dried yeast

we adopt the most advanced fermenting auto machinery in the world, full set of high-tech laboratory equipments and facilities as well as strict quality control management system.

instant dry yeast for bakery (low sugar yeast & high sugar yeast)
ingredients:natural yeast ( saccaharomyces cerevisiae), emulsifier

1. Used for fermenting all kinds of pasta, such as bread, pastry, biscuit, cakes, etc
2. Fermenting fast, pure natural and high nutrition make the bread soft, big and good taste.
Package: 100g,125g,400g,450g,500g,5kg is available,in aluminum vacuum packing

1. This product contains the bread improves, it can be used without bread improvers; easy to use and cost savings;
2. It can effectively improve the stability of fermentation, enhance the expansion in the oven, increase the volume and improve the color of the bread.
3. 5%-25% of sugar tolerance.

notice on "yeats" super 2-in-1 instant dry yeast (sugar tolerant):
(1) this kind of baking yeast should avoid to mix directly with oil, water or ice etc.;
(2) oil should be added after all the other ingredients are mixed well;
(3) best temperature of the flour dough: 25-28°c g

packaging details: 500gbag, 20bagcarton multicolor printing packaging other specification: 500gbag, 450gbg, 125gbag, 100gbag , 10gbag etc.

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