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Basalt Woven Cloth Cover

Basalt Woven Cloth Cover

Basalt Woven Fiber tadpole seal with 304 Stainless Steel Hollow Core.
116” thick premium quality Basalt woven tape.
304 Stainless steel Hollow Core.

Temperature: 1200° F 649° C (continuous) 1400° F760° C (intermittent)

- Tadpole seals are used in sealing oven doors, covers, ducts, dampers, panel joints and other applications where conformance to uneven flanges is required.
- Basalt textiles and stainless steel have excellent resistance to most chemicals. Please call Gaskets Incorporated for specific application concerns.
- Basalt Woven Fiber is an environmentally friendly alternative to fiberglass materials. With excellent tensile strength, excellent resistance to Acid and Alkali, High abrasive resistance and a high melting point. Basalt is made from an igneous rock originated from molten lava and is 100% Recyclable.

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