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PTFE Coated Fiberglass Cover

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Cover

Type 2 shown. Our exclusive Tadpole Seals are economical, effective heat barrier seals that combine high heat resistance, flexibility and long service life. Our Type 2 Tadpole is one of the most used designs in the industry. It is a standard for many original equipment manufactures.

Tadpole Flexseals are used in sealing oven doors, covers, damper blades, panel joints, ducting, expansion joints, burners and other applications where conformance to uneven flanges and surfaces is required. The tail or fin sections of the tadpole can be attached to metal or refractory surfaces by bolting or metal strapping, sheet metal screws, or by welding when the tadpole is made with metal mesh covers. Special application include extremely low, as well as extremely high temperature applications, as those found in cryogenics and refractory operations.

  • Material Temperature : 980 ° C
  • Material Temperature : 1800 ° F

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