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Coconut Copra

Coconut Copra

Copra (or) Dry Coconut is the endosperm of the coconut with the husk and shell removed. It consists of the white and fleshy edible part of the seed with an outer brown skin which is split into two parts and then dried to specified moisture levels. We are leading supplier of copra in Kangayam We are engaged in providing Dried Coconuts in India and abroad. Copra is sun dried or dried using special copra dryers and is available in the following forms,

  •  Edible Copra
  •  Milling Copra
  •  Ball Copra

Parameters Edible Copra Milling Copra
Moisture 5% max 5% max
Broken, Wrinkled or Germinated Cups 1% max -
Mouldy Cups Nil 2% max
Discoloured 2% max -
Oil Content 65% min 65% min
Free Fatty Acid 0.3% max 0.3%
Crude Protein - -
Crude Fibre - -
Fat - -

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