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  • Expansion Joints

    Expansion Joints have many uses, including: Relieving system strain, absorbing movement, compensating for misalignment in a system, reducing mechanical noise, and eliminating electrolysis between dissimilar metals. GHX nonmetallic expansion joints and flexible couplings are an ideal solution ...

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    GHX is able to provide prompt emergency response to your industrial needs, with over 70 years of experience. We have trained and certified customer service personnel, expertly trained in the application of fluid sealing and transfer solutions. We are able to provide hose testing and ...

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  • Fasteners

    At GHX we offer a wide variety of fasteners to serve all your businesses' needs. There are several types of fasteners we offer: We carry stud bolts, which are threaded end to end and come in two types, the first for general use and the second for temperature pressure piping. When used for ...

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  • Gasket Materials

    GHX gasket materials can be fabricated to suit the individual needs of our customers. Elastomer, which is chemically similar to rubber, is a polymer that can be stretched many times beyond its original shape and maintain its integrity without deformation. Examples of Elastomers used by GHX are ...

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  • Gaskets

    A gasket is used when two surfaces have to be joined together. They are used to prevent leakage from contents that could cause either economic loss or safety hazards. Gaskets are an economical solution, they provide a positive seal even when two surfaces are less than exact. Effective gaskets ...

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  • Material Handling

    Material handling is just another way that GHX can help in the core operations of your company. Our heavy conveyor products offer resistance to abrasion, heat, oil, as well as cut and gouge. We offer Grade 1 and Grade 2 belting, from both domestic and import manufactures. Our lightweight belt is ...

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  • Packing

    There are many different options available for your packing needs, options which are both effective and economical. Some of the materials we use at GHX are: Glass, which is an excellent packing material due to its ability to withstand heat, its stability, and tensile strength. In addition, ...

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  • Textiles

    At GHX, we provide a variety of textiles for industrial purposes, including Thermoglass Textiles, which are engineered and manufactured to meet a variety of requirements. We are offer four varieties of Thermoglass fabrics: marine fabrics, which are used primarily in shipyards, industrial, a group ...

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