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HVLS Ceiling Fans

HVLS Ceiling Fans

The Swifter® Industrial Ceiling Fan is a new and revolutionary large-scale ceiling fan designed specifically for use in commercial applications. These HVLS Ceiling Fans belong to a category of fans referred to as High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS). This means that these large-span ceiling fan can move high volumes of air at low speeds. Swifter® HVLS Ceiling Fans are indeed very big fans. They are available in various standard sizes; 10’, 12', 14' and 16' diameter.

Glocon has a proven history for developing new and innovative industrial fan products. We have positioned the Swifter® HVLS fan series as possibly the best industrial ceiling fan on the market:

Features of the Swifter® Industrial Ceiling Fan
Benefits of the Swifter® Industrial Ceiling Fan
Hybrid Fan System
Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Motor
Universal Voltage Input
Hoisting System *
Composite Fan Blades
Patented High Efficiency Airfoil
Folding Hinged Fan Blades
Adjustable Fan Pitch Angle
High Strength Hub Assembly
Wash-Down Fan Assembly
Auto-Interference Shut Off
Invisible Accident Avoidance Shield *
Forward and Reverse Operation
Variable Speed Operation
LED Mode Indicators *
Wall Mounted Controller
Wireless Handheld Remote *
Safety Shut-Off Switch
10-Year Product Warranty
Operates on electric grid power, using as little as 500 watts. Or, with the optional solar package accessory, run the fan on clean solar power.
Eliminates the need for a gearbox speed reducer. This results in higher efficiency, simplified design and lower fan weight
Fan can be configured for voltage inputs of 110-480 VAC, 5060 Hz, Single or three phase andor 48 VDC
Fan can be easily lowered or raised for simplified installation or maintenance. The result is lower install and operating cost.
Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) fan blades are lightweight and corrosion resistant
Powerful blade airfoil provides greater airflow at lower power resulting in fewer fan blades and lower solidity ratio
Retractable fan blades can be folded up for easier handling and maintenance
Adjust fan blade pitch angle for airflow optimization for differing ceiling heights and facility configurations
Fan hub is constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel, extruded aluminum and stock aluminum. This results in a structurally superior hub design.
Easy cleaning and maintenance. Fan can be used indoors or outdoors. Water and moisture will not affect fan operation; the motor and electronics are sealed.
Fan stops and sounds alarm if an external object interferes and restricts fan rotation
Infrared shield stops fan operation and sounds alarm when an object approaches the proximity of the fan from below
Re-circulate air in either direction to achieve summer time evaporative cooling or wintertime warming
Control the amount of air being moved
Identify the mode of operation at a glance
Hard-wired control box to turn fan onoff, change fan speed or change forwardreverse direction.
Control ceiling fan speed and direction with ease
Shut down fan immediately with wall switch
Peace of mind. Any defective part will be replaced.

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