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Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans

Swifter® Industrial Axial Flow Fans are high performance, high efficiency large commercial fans. The most common applications for these industrial fans include cooling towers, heat exchangers and evaporators. Search no further if you are lookiing for the he best price in industrial fans. These fans are suitable for the OEM market, as well as the industrial replacement fan market. Patented airfoil fan blades are available from 5 feet up to 40 feet in diameter. Fan blades and hubs are available in custom sizes, colors and configurations.

Features of the Swifter® Industrial Fans
Benefits of the Swifter® Industrial Fans
Slim Line Blade Profile
High Density Polyurethane Foam Core FRP Fan Blade
Steel Shank Plate (for larger fans)
Seamless Single Piece Fan Blade
No VentDrain Holes in Fan Blade
Less Start-Up Torque and Reduce Load on Drive System
Low Weight, High Strength, Low Surface Deflection and Deformation
Impact Damage Protection and Precise Blade Placement
No Joint Line Delamination and Splitting
Prevents Debris and Moisture Entry into Fan Blade Cavity

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