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Lite Mesh Dock Doors

Lite Mesh Dock Doors

G2 Lite Mesh Dock Doors
Bug Blocking Mesh Dock Doors
Based on Goff's G2 Doors - G2 Lite Mesh Doors are an economical option for reducing heat and keep bugs, birds, and pests out of Dock Door Openings.

G2 Lite Doors

High Speed - 18" or 30" per Second

Low Maintenance - No cables, wheels, springs, or sewn construction

Durable - Welded Seams & Fiberglass Pultrusions

Quick & Easy Installation - Upper Box completely assembled in factory

Fire Resistant - Meets NFPA-701 & CSFM standards for flame retardancy

*Please Note: G2 Lite Doors are for interior use and are Not wind load rated. They are Not Designed to Auto Reset. Please see Goff's G2 Bug Blocking Mesh Doors for a door with those features.
Benefits of G2 Lite Doors

Significantly reduces heat while allowing light into work areas.
Keeps out unwanted pests, birds and intruders.
Improves building appearance.
Increases security-deters trespassing, theft and vandalism.
Allows fresh air to flow through for comfort and productivity & helps meet FDA and AIB requirements
Applications Include:

Dock Doors
Interior Work Areas

  • Series : G2 Lite Mesh Dock Doors

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