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woodworking curtains

woodworking curtains

Woodworking Curtains
Goff's Woodworking Curtain Walls Separate Space & Provide Flexibility!
At nearly 13 the cost of a permanent wall, Goff’s Curtain Walls help contain sawdust, overspray, temperature, fumes and noise while MAXIMIZING usable shop space and eliminating re-work. Manufactured with fire resistant, water proof, and mildew and rot resistant vinyl and a 16g. track and roller system, Goff’s Curtain Walls are the flexible, durable solution to separating tasks.

Goff's Curtain Walls are ideal for a wide variety of uses including: confining contaminants such as dust, paint & primer overspray, grinding sparks and water or chemical mist.

Benefits Include:

Eliminates costly brick and mortar permanent type walls.
Separates conflicting tasks within work environments.
Quickly creates privacy areas
Improves working conditions
Easily slides out of the way when not needed
Helps to control contaminants, temperature, odors, sound and light.
Easy to install, clean and replace
Five-year warranty on curtainLifetime warranty on all hardware
Goff's Woodworking Curtain Walls are Ideal for:


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