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Amino Acid Bio-Organic Fertilizer

Amino Acid Bio-Organic Fertilizer

Granular amino acid bio-organic fertilizer
organic matter >45%or 60%
amino acid>5%
humic acid>5%
organic npk>5%
active bacteria>0.2billiongram

application crops
it can be used in the middle and later growing period of plant.it has excellent bentoniting and coloring effect,especially can be applied in high ph value alkaline soil to improve soil quality as a good soil conditioner.

Product function&benefits
for soil
provent fertilizer run ooff,keep effect of fertilizer and prevent soil acidification.modulate environment of microorganisms.improve water holding capacity and aeration.increase the fetility of soil,internerate soil.increase soil aggregate structure boost effect of phosphoric acid.reduce salinity of soil.adjust soil ph value.
For plant
enhance resilience of fighting cold,drought,insect and loding.improve tensility of root,make plant absorb better,enhance crop physiological activity.

basal application and dressing.240kg per acre and the amount can be chaned appropriately to the local soil and fertilizing habits

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