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Our offered Product range includes VW LONG BLOCK ENGINE KITS Direct Drive, Reduction Drive Engine Kits!, Cast Finned Aluminum Valve Covers, Cool Tins and Standard OEM VW Valve Covers.


Our Great Plains TYPE 1 VW Engine Kits are the best in the marketplace! Each kit contains all the parts necessary to assemble a Front Drive Long Block Engine. No Accessories are included in these kits... But don't worry! We have the Accessories too! All the machine work has been completed, such as crankshaft tapering, cylinder head and case boring, stroke relieving and connecting rod contouring and balancing (2180cc) on our Long Block Kits.

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Reduction Drive Engine Kits!

COMPLETE UNASSEMBLED REDUCTION DRIVE SYSTEM ENGINE KITS INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: New Engine Case Forged Crankshaft Hi-Torque Camshaft Cam Plug-O Ring Oil Pump New Crankshaft Gear Kit Cylinder Heads Keepers Rocker Arms OPR Kit Cool Tins Pushrod Tubes Brass Exhaust Nuts Premium Flywheel Gland Nut & Washer All Machine Work Complete Connecting Rods Main Bearings Case Nut & Washer Kit Silicone Rear Seal Gasket Kit Oil Pump Cover Plate Cotter Pin Piston & Cylinder Set Valves Retainers Oil Screen Oil Pressure Screws Dip Stick Pushrods Case Sealer Assembly Lube Rod Bearings Cam Bearings Main Bearing Dowel Pins Lifters Springs Valve Covers Oil Sump Plate Cylinder Head Stud Kit TYPE 1 Assembly Manual and DVD Set

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Cast Finned Aluminum Valve Covers

  • Series Cast Finned Aluminum Bolt On Valve Covers

The valve covers come complete with hardware and cork gaskets. Provides excellent heat dissipation.

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Cool Tins

  • Series Super Cool Tins For a pair,

These Super Cool Tins clip in place under the cylinders. Your baffling will attach in the back and front of these. A must for all VW Aero conversions - cowled or uncowled. Fits all 85.5mm to 94mm cylinders with minor trimming.

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Standard OEM VW Valve Covers

  • Series Standard OEM VW Valve Covers #0200

These standard OEM VW Valve Covers are black valve covers with spring steel bales. Set includes 2 valve covers, cork gaskets, and 2 spring steel bales.

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Oil Pumps and Cover Plates

  • Series Great Plains 21mm Oil Pump

Great Plains 21mm Oil Pump.This Oil Pump is used on half VW engines. Fits 8mm oil pump studs and flat dish camshafts. Pump has 21mm (length) gears.

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VW Plans

  • Series "Carr Twin" 1/2 VW Plans

The "Carr Twin" Plans offer plans for both the cut case and full case versions. ADVANTAGES OF THE VW ENGINE: Parts are low cost and available throughout the world. Lightweight: The crankcase is made of magnesium, 13 lighter than aluminum with excellent heat transfer qualities. The heads are aluminum. An 87 pound, 35hp engine is hard to beat! Air-cooled: With both cylinders exposed to direct air stream. Crankshaft RPM corrects for direct mounting of propellor (no need to gear down or belt drive.) A four-stroke engine with generous bearing diameter means long life, extra reliability, and low fuel consumption. Can be used in tractor or pusher properllor configuration. A fun project for the mechanical craftsman!

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Cylinder Shims are a must for most VW aero conversions. You need to run the correct compression ratio for the octane of fuel you plan to use. Stock shims are available for all 90.5mm, 92mm and 94mm cylinders. If you are going to use automotive fuel with our carburetor or an Ellison we strongly suggest the use of a fuel pump, electrical, mechanical or both. Please Specify which set in check out comments

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