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The gherkins, shipping approximately 200,000 metric tonnes, which accounts for 20% of total global gherkin exports. Mostly grown in the 3 southern states of India – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu, the climatic and soil conditions are favourable for two harvesting seasons, allowing for the distinct advantage of processing the produce for 10 months each year.

Global Green Company processes more than 35,000 tonnes of gherkins from its two facilities in India. With multi-product packing operations at both facilities and with the capability for both fresh and processed packs, we produce whole and cut produce in retail packs (glass jars and PET), foodservice packs (pouch and tins) and industrial packs (drums and pails).

In Europe gherkin growing areas stretch from Southern Germany through Hungary to Poland and Romania. Hungary produces around 35,000 metric tons of gherkins annually, which is among the highest in this region. Our multi product packing facility at Dunakiliti processes more than 7000 metric tons (wholes and cut) in retail (glass jar & PET) and foodservice (tins) packs.

  • Foodservice Pack Sizes : 3000 ML (A10 Can); 4200 ML (5/1 Can); 4000 ML (128 oz) PET; 3 KG Cryovac Pouch
  • Industrial Pack Sizes : 220 L Barrel / Drum; 240 L Barrel / Drum; 15 L Pails; 20 L Pails
  • Retail Pack Sizes : 212 ML (7 oz); 230 ML (8 oz); 300 ML (10 oz); 340 ML (12 oz) PET; 370 ML (12.5 oz); 425 ML (14 oz); 500 ML (17 oz); 580 ML (20 oz); 720 ML (24 oz); 780 ML (27 oz); 1000 ML (32 oz); 1400 ML (46 oz); 1700 ML (57 oz); 2000 ML (64 oz); 4000 ML (128 oz) P

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