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Originally a Mexican pepper, jalapeños thrive in a number of soil types and temperatures, though they prefer warmer climates, and adequate water supply. A pH of 4.5 to 7.0 is preferred for growing jalapeños and keeping the soil well drained is essential for keeping jalapeño plants healthy.

With favourable climatic and soil conditions in the south of India, a variety of jalapeños are grown in healthy quantities. With one primary harvest season falling between the months of April and May India processes more than 10,000 metric tons of jalapeños each year.

Global Green Company, with its stringent quality norms and as per International standards, grows and processes more than 5,000 metric tons of jalapeños. With multi-product packing operations at both facilities, we pack jalapenos (sliced and whole) in retail packs (glass jars and PET), foodservice packs (pouches and tins) and industrial packs (drums and pails).

  • Retail Pack Sizes : 230 ML (8 oz); 300 ML (10 oz); 340 ML (12 oz) PET; 370 ML (12.5 oz); 500 ML (17 oz); 720 ML (24 oz); 780 ML (27 oz); 1000 ML (32 oz); 1400 ML (46 oz); 2000 ML (64 oz); 4000 ML (128 oz) PET.
  • Industrial Pack Sizes : 220 L Barrel / Drum; 240 L Barrel / Drum; 15 L Pails; 20 L Pails
  • Foodservice Pack Sizes : 3000 ML (A10 Can); 4200 ML (5/1 Can); 4000 ML (128 oz) PET; 3 KG Cryovac Pouch

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