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Chick Farm House Manual Plastic Poultry Feeder




Each pan can supply 40-60 broiler


Material: PP


Weight: 0.75KG


Height: 28cm


Grills: 6 Grill 14 grill 16 grill


Diameter: 33cm


Color: red&yellow&orange&white



Pan feeding system


The core of Feeding System is the Feeding Pan.



1)Feeding System


Feed pan is the core of feeding system. Fodder in the hopper is delivered by the motor, through delivery pipe to fill the feeding pans one by one.



2)Delivery System


The function of delivery system is to transmit the fodder in the silo to the hopper of feeding system which is inside the house; control system indicates delivery system to work automatically.



3)Feed Storage System (Silo)


Fodder of poultry raising farm is stored in the silo, so to save large amount of packages and labor force,also to ensure the fodder is health and fresh.



4)Electronic Control


Electronic part controls the whole system. That control box works sensitively and steadily is extremely important.


  • Brand Name : Weizhengheng

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Payment Terms : L/C, T/T

Packaging Details : Standard export package

Delivery Time : 15 days

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