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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Fast Clean Shower, HelioJET, steam gun, Tank Washing and Rotary Tank Washing.

Fast Clean Shower

HelioJET® Cleaning Technologies offers the Fast Clean Shower with new patented Smart Nozzle™ feature. The Smart Nozzle Feature senses plugged nozzles and automatically activates the Fast Clean Shower. All the shower nozzles are cleaned within seconds. No attention is required by the operator, and there is no interruption to production! HelioJET® Fast Clean Shower deliver a precision, high impact spray pattern that is easy to maintain. With any piping network, debris travels through supply lines, causing shower nozzles to plug. This solution is designed with internal rotating brushes that unplug every nozzle in a matter of seconds. Fast Clean Showers are available in motorized or manually operated versions. Fast Clean Shower headers are customized to meet the requirements of your cleaning application, and are designed with internal rotating brushes that make it easy to clear spray nozzles when they become plugged.

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  • Capacity 3-14 gpm
  • Pressure Range 200-400
  • Temperatures 170-190°F.

Clean, sanitize, degrease, and disinfect like never before with the HelioJET® single user wash station. Powered by the patented HelioPAC™, HelioJET® single user wash stations offer the ultimate in cleaning efficiency and economy. Using only your existing in-plant steam and cold water supply, the HelioPAC (Pressure - Amplifier - Condenser) generates high pressure hot water, and does it with no moving parts. This small, compact unit operates more efficiently, and out-performs larger, more cumbersome systems of the past. Eliminate pump maintenance, gas fumes and electricity costs by using HelioJET® Technology.

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steam gun

The HelioJET® Steam Gun Station connects to your existing in-plant steam supply. Simply turn on your steam supply valve and the Steam Gun and Hose will deliver raw steam for cleaning motors, castings, and other equipment. The Steam Gun Station is ideal for cleaning in areas where water cannot be tolerated.

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Tank Washing

  • Pressure 125 psi
  • Cold Water 60 psi
  • Capacities 120 GPM

High Pressure Hot Water is created within the HelioPAC™ (Pressure - Amplifier - Condenser), and is then piped directly to the Rotary Tank Washer. The spray that discharges from our Interior Tank Washing Solution impacts the inner walls of the tank. This creates a powerful scouring action that can remove most tough deposits very quickly.

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Rotary Tank Washing

The Rotary Interior Tank Washer travels on two axis at the same time while discharging powerful jet streams of high pressure hot water. After each rotation, the center line of impact moves slightly forward. As a result, the interior tank wall is thoroughly cleaned. A complete cleaning cycle typically lasts about 15 minutes. In some extreme cases, more than one 15 minute cycle may be required to do the job.

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