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Ionic Clean

Ionic Clean

onic Clean provides spot-free, streak-free cleaning with no drying required. The Ionic Clean® uses de-ionizing (DI) technology to create purified water that has unique cleaning qualities. As water flows through the Ionic Clean, ionic exchange occurs that removes minerals and impurities from the water. The DI water leaves the Ionic Clean hungry – looking to regain the ionic particles removed during the exchange. It finds them on dirty surfaces – like on your home’s windows or your car. Homeowners can save hundreds of dollars cleaning windows themselves, paying for itself with one use. The DI water in the Ionic Clean grabs the dirt particles and rinses them away, leaving an ultra-clean spot-free surface. Plus, ionically cleaned surfaces repel dirt and stay clean longer.

As Seen on DIY Network, I Want That Cliks Floor Tiles Episode DI

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