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Our Complete range of products are Winter Treat Plus, Meaner Power Kleaner, Oil Enhancer, Diesel Treat and fuel enhancer.

Winter Treat Plus

  • UNIT 2-2.5 gallon

Winter Treat Plus contains a concentrated cold flow improver designed to reduce the size and alter the shape of the wax crystals as they precipitate from the diesel fuel in low temperatures. This reduces vehicle failure during cold weather.

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Meaner Power Kleaner

  • UNIT 12- 1 quart

Meaner Power Kleaner has been tested safe and effective to use with today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel (ULSD). Loss of lubricity, lower BTU’s and premature wear of the fuel injection system are some of the issues created by ULSD. Build up of deposits on fuel injectors and pumps can have a negative effect on power, fuel economy and durability. Meaner Power Kleaner adds lubricity, eliminates water problems, cleans and eliminates injector deposits, increases fuel economy and saves you money and fuel related down time.

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Oil Enhancer

  • Part Number 203000
  • UNIT 1 gallon

Oil Enhancer is a high-tech, state of the art, 100% petroleum based product that helps prolong engine life. Howes Oil Enhancer can be used in any motor oil or gear oil to protect your engine from heat and corrosion. Fortified with friction modifiers for less engine drag, Howes Oil Enhancer will lower operating temperature and increase oil pressure. It will not void warranties when used as directed. Also blends with other auto and heavy duty truck lubricants, including synthetics and mineral oil.

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Diesel Treat

  • unit 6-1/2 gallon

The introduction of ULSD has created several serious problems for diesel powered vehicles. During the refining process of removing sulfur, important properties such as lubricity and BTU’s are reduced. Howes Diesel Treat will help prevent your diesel fuel from gelling in cold weather and correct the inherent problems caused by ULSD fuel. Howes Diesel Treat replaces the lost lubricity and compensates for lower BTU’s by improving combustion, resulting in more power and better MPG’s.

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fuel enhancer

  • Part Number 206000
  • UNIT 1 gallon

Howes Fuel Enhancer is specially formulated with proprietary blends of oil and additives that: • Clean Injectors • Help Dissolve Carbon • Provide more Complete Combustion • Increase Power for Better Fuel Economy • Reduce Heat and Friction • Lubricate Piston Rings Howes Fuel Enhancer dissolves carbon build-up that can cause burning pistons, often resulting in extensive repair bills. It is safe to use with today’s ULSD and will improve the operation of your engine. Howes Fuel Enhancer can be used regularly as part of a preventative maintenance program. Overuse is not harmful.

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Hub Oil

  • Part Number 204100
  • UNIT 1 quart

Formulated for high performance use, Howes Hub Oil maintains lubrication in the event of blown seals or leaks. It helps maintain your hubs to factory specifications and is the most effective lubrication technology available. Howes Hub Oil will reduce heat and friction, stop leaks and prolong bearing and seal life.

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Gas Treat lowers

  • Part Number 103110
  • UNIT 12- 12 bottles

Howes Gas Treat lowers your engine’s octane requirements, avoiding the use of higher octane fuel which contains more harmful solvents. More motorists are switching to lower octane (and less expensive) gasoline and adding a bottle of Howes Gas Treat to every tankful, saving approximately $.20 per gallon. Howes Gas Treat extends injector life and increases mileage and performance.

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Multi-Purpose Lubricator

  • UNIT 1 pint

Howes Multi-Purpose Lubricator and Penetrating Oil Made from a secret formula of highly refined petroleum ingredients, Howes Multi-Purpose lubricates without evaporation and penetrates (actually permeates) leaving a protective film that will not attract dirt or dust. It dissolves rust, sludge and gunk while displacing water, yet it is safe to use on almost any surface. Howes Multi-Purpose is used by many national fleets, including the U.S. Postal Service and Ryder Truck, as well as thousands of smaller businesses from automotive repair shops to truck stops nationwide.

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