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Our offered Product range includes strapping products, Poly Bags, mailers, Adhesives and Protective Packaging.

strapping products

Hughes recommends the four most common strapping products: Polypropylene Strapping (oriented or tensilized): Designed for medium and light duty bundling, unitizing and palletizing. Most polypropylene strapping is embossed and also could be printed Polyester Strapping: The strongest plastic strapping material. A high initial tension can be applied and retained over a longer period of time Polyester Cord: The most commonly used in outdoors applications and sealed using buckles or by hand tying Steel Strapping: The strongest strapping material available. It is common to see steel replaced by polyester strapping

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Poly Bags

Two types of Poly Bags & Sheeting include: LDPE bags (Low Density Polyethylene): The most commonly used bags because they provide excellent protection for most applications. Made from seamless tubing with no slits or side seals that can rip Poly Sheeting: Top Sheeting adds protection for wrapped pallets. This sheeting helps protect contents from water and dust as well as helping to ensure the integrity of the pallet contents. Used to Protect items and help reduce waste and to help ensure that the pallets arrive intact

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Hughes offers a wide variety of packaging adhesives, whether structural or non-structural. Our offerings of Structural Adhesives include: Epoxy Adhesives: Provides the highest strength and temperature resistance Acrylic Adhesives: Bonds to the widest variety of substances Urethane Adhesives: Usually lower cost and sure quickly Cyanoacrylates: Known as instant adhesives, used with plastic, glass, metal, rubber and low porosity substrates Our offerings of Non-Structural Adhesives include: Hot melt adhesives: Bond quickly when cool. Melts under heat Rubber Adhesives: Solidify through evaporation and are solvent based or water based

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Protective Packaging

Hughes primarily recommends three different types of Protective Packaging: Air Bags: Air Bag systems deliver air-filled cushions on demand. Ideal for workstation or on-line applications, Fill-Air® Inflatable Packaging Systems provide excellent protection and efficient void fill while reducing material and shipping costsAir Bag packaging can be produced in a wide range of sizes which provide numerous benefits to your packaging operation including: Versatile, On-Demand Air Bag Packaging Saves Valuable Warehouse Space Fast and Easy To Use Clean, Professional-Looking Packages Outstanding, Lightweight Protection Enhanced Customer Satisfaction Bubble Wrap: Bubble Wrap material offers an alternative to loose fill. Bubble wrap allows for transparent product identification lightweight clean and flexible cushioning. This product offers a good alternative to loose fill Instapak: The Instapak® foam packaging process allows on-line, on-site production of polyurethane foam packages. Instapak® packaging provides protection against shock and vibration during shipping and handling for cushioningBenefits of Instapak Foam Packaging: Saves You Money: Instapak foam cuts your packaging material costs without diminishing product protection Increases Productivity in your Packaging Process: Instapak foam expands in seconds to form protective cushions Ease of Use: Economically and efficiently protects products of any size, shape and weight Versatile: Whether your packaging requirement is precision cushioning, high-speed void fill or heavy-duty blocking and bracing, there is an Instapak system to meet your needs Protects Your Products: Instapak foam has unique cushioning properties that protect your products during shipping, warehousing and handling Space Saver: Instapak foam expands up to 200 times its liquid volume, when, where and as you need it, significantly reducing the costs of storage and handling. Two 55-gallon drums of liquid components when combined can create a trailer-truck load of packaging material Paper: When packaging products that are sharp, are less freight sensitive, having small voids or of you are promoting an environmental image, Paper packing is the choice for you

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Case Marking

There are several methods of printing, case marking, or labeling of cartons, that Hughes recommends: Thermal Transfer Printing: With Thermal Transfer printing, the transfer occurs on the ribbon rather than the substrate. Thermal transfer printing produces high resolution images that can be used on a wide variety of material Direct Thermal: This type of case marking uses the same process as thermal transfer but does so without the use of a ribbon. Images produces are very clear and defined and direct thermal printers are inexpensive and easy to operate Laser Printing: Laser printing uses light to generate a duplicate of the image, much like photocopying. A laser beam will create an electrostatic image to produce the printed image. This process produces dense high resolution images for graphics and text InkJet: There are two types of Inkjet printing, direct print and label applications. Ink Jet printing is virtually the only solution for direct printing on a variety of surfaces. Inline Inkjet printing can be done at high speeds and is the most efficient method for alpha-numerical coding in consumer goods Dot Matrix: Uses tiny round hammers to pound ink from a ribbon on to a substrate, they are very inexpensive, most typically used for checks and other carbon documents

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Corrugated Packaging Supplies

Hughes can assist with any of your corrugated needs. Get to know your corrugated terms: RSC, “Regular Slotted Cartons”: The most commonly used carton, All flaps are equal in length and the two outer flaps meet in the center HSC, “Half Slotted Carton”: HSC’s have one less set of flaps than a RSC FOL, “Full Overlap Carton”: This carton has equal length flaps that are equal to the width of the carton. This style is a good choice when your product must endure rough handling OLSC, “Overlap Slotted Cartons”: The outer flaps extend across the width Trays: Scored Sheets that are folded to form a lid to hold product Full Telescoping: Two slotted scored trays that fit inside of each other, allowing right size packaging One Piece Folders: Corrugated sheets intending to be folded around a product – typically a book or other printed matter Die Cut Boxes: Usually custom containers that may feature perforations and access holes Displays: Retail packaging Pads and Partitions: Used to separate, cushion, suspend, and fill irregular spaces within a container

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safety supplies

Hughes Enterprises offers the best of the best in safety products from safety glasses, ear plugs and safety vests to hearing protection, reflective tape and safety harnesses. Here at Hughes, we share your goal of keeping people safe. Working with 3M safety, We’ve develop our personal protective equipment (PPE) based on years of industry experience and a extensive knowledge of industry standards.

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Stretch Wrap Film

Stretch Wrap vs Hand Wrap Companies that are looking to see a significant savings in film usage should consider stretch wrapping with equipment rather than by hand. Stretch Wrapping is easier and safer, while reducing product damage and labor while hand wrapping is a time-consuming and physically demanding operation.. The cost of a stretch wrap machine is easily justified with cost savings gained. A stretch wrap machine is excellent business sense…production rates go up, labor costs go down, wrapping is more consistent and there is more quality control over the wrapping process to ensure damage free distribution.

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Shrink Wrap Film

Loose film is wrapped around a package and when heat is applied, either by a heat gun or a heat tunnel, the film shrinks firmly and tightly around its contents. The two most common types of shrink wrap film are PVC and Polyolefin.

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Mailers come in a variety of types that suit particular applications: Bubble Mailers: Bubble cushioned mailers have outstanding shipping protection for a wide range of semi-fragile, small items. They contain layer of bubble wrap material that provides maximum cushioning power Padded Mailers: Padded mailers are rugged, all-purpose, paper fiber cushioned mailers. They are constructed from a heavy-duty kraft with an inner padding that provides excellent cushioning protection

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