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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Log Saw Blades, EXO Surface Coating, Log Saw Blade Grinding System, Super Abrasives - CBN Grinding Wheels and Perforating Blades.

Log Saw Blades

Made only in the United States and handcrafted by some of the most talented craftsmen in the world, our log saw blades have a reputation for exceeding even the most demanding requirements. We impose strict process control standards to ensure that our customers receive high-quality log saw blades each time they order. In addition to quality control, we use a triple tempering heat treating process designed to maintain uniform blade hardness and flatness. All IKS log saw blades go through rigorous grinding and beveling operations to ensure superior surface finish and dimensional accuracy. IKS blades are put through stringent tension and axial run out tests and must meet a maximum lateral run out of .006” T.I.R, tighter than the industry standard. Our log saw blades are made from the highest quality high-carbon, high-chrome mill certified tool steel.

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EXO Surface Coating

We also offer our patented EXO™Nickel Boron plating which is applied to the blade substrate to increase blade lubricity and surface finish to improve cut quality and blade life. Beyond using high-quality tool steel and expert workmanship, our unique patented surface coating is designed for the toughest cutting applications. EXO, as the coating is known, is a patented metal finishing technology that does not load upclog grinding wheels, will not wear from the blade, nor distort the blade concentricity. EXO coating is perfect for those cutting applications where blade edge wear occurs due to extreme heat caused by friction. The perfect pairing when applied to our high quality log saw blades.

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Log Saw Blade Grinding System

If you want to increase productivity, improve employee safety, and lower your operational costs, IKS’s patent pending log saw blade grinding system is for you. In fact, you could lower your cost per cut by up to 50%. IKS log saw blade grinding system deliverables include: Sharpens blade faster, helps them to stay sharper longer, and improves cut quality Minimizes log saw machine downtime due to reduced operator setup time Lowers annual operating and maintenance costs due to quick release cartridge style grinding heads-- truly a “plug and play” concept Reduces operator time and frequency in the saw box.

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Super Abrasives - CBN Grinding Wheels

As you know, sharper blades lead to better quality cuts and longer blade life. That’s why our CBN super abrasive grinding wheels are specifically engineered to sharpen our premium log saw blades. Our grinding wheels are manufactured using a copper-bonded cubic boron nitride (CBN) product combined with the latest hybrid technology to deliver sharper blade edges while sustaining wheel life. Our CBN grinding wheels are made in the USA and are designed and engineered to withstand the most demanding grinding applications. Each grinding wheel undergoes rigorous inspection, ensuring the highest standard of balance and runout (.0005” TIR). We also offer log saw blade grinding wheels for all makes and models of OEM equipment. We know that frequent wheel dressing is essential to maintaining a clean grinding wheel in order to continuously produce sharp cutting edges on the blade, so we include the proper dressing stick with each shipped grinding wheel.

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Perforating Blades

Plainly put, our perforating blades give you the most cuts per blade, improving efficiency and productivity while minimizing downtime. Each blade is manufactured from premium alloy tool steels and is crafted to fit your exact specifications. All blades are individually notched and concaved and then packaged for protection and extended shelf life, meaning your perforating blades will deliver an unrivaled performance every time. In addition, we will keep your blades in inventory, ready to ship to you at a moment’s notice. Manufactured from M-2 high-speed steel or SPS Mark V (CPM 10-V) powdered tool steel, our perforating blades can be coated with a black oxide to make it easier to identify wear while extending shelf life. Combining our high-quality perforating blades with our tungsten carbide anvils creates a keen cutting edge that assures quality with each cut. IKS can supply perforating blades and anvils for all types of metric equipment; crafted to your exact OEM specifications, our perforating blades undergo a rigorous quality control process before they are shipped so you know you’re receiving the best blade on the market.

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Core Cutter and Packaging Knives

IKS offers long life precision built core cutter blades and many variations of OEM cut-off knives. Our Engineering team can custom build your blade to your specifications.

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Circular Slitter knives

No matter the cutting application, rest assured that IKS has the perfect circular slitter knife for you. We offer both standard and custom styles to accommodate foreign and domestic equipment and adhere to strict tolerance accuracies in the areas of concentricity and dimensional integrity. This means the product you receive is guaranteed to operate smoothly and accurately. If you’re in need of a custom solution, our experienced and talented team of sales engineers can develop the perfect blade for your application. We consult with you to determine the cutting characteristics of the material and carefully balance the metallurgical composition, hardness, and blade geometry to fit your unique need. Through this process we are able to provide you with a long-lasting blade that ensures outstanding edge quality.

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safety solutions

Safety, safety, safety!!! Safety cannot be stressed enough when operators are removing blades from the box, changing blades in the log saw or working on their log saw machine grinding system. During any of these events there is exposure of their extremities to the razor sharp log saw blade beveled edge and serious accidents can occur. The IKS R&D team has designed the most durable and operator safe blade carrier to have ever been used in converting plants.

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Our lubricants and spray systems are designed to increase productivity while decreasing unnecessary downtime. We offer a variety of spray systems and our technical staff is here to help you select the right one for your unique application. IKS’ lubricantsspray systems are water-based, non-flammable, and are food-grade safe. Our lubricantsspray systems also: Keep the log saw blade and grinding wheels free of glue Maintain consistent quality cuts Prevent dirt buildup on products Eliminate saw room mess and excessive cleaning downtime.

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Offline Log Saw Grinder

International Knife & Saw has developed an offline log saw blade grinding system for their customers who have the need to sharpen their blades offline or simply want to pregrind their blades before installing on their log saw. Have a chipped blade, scalloped blade, clipped a pusher? Why throw it away? Now you can save it with the IKS off line grinding system. The wet wipe industry does not allow for grinding of the log saw blades online un-like other converting operations for bath and towel products. IKS has developed a system that will now accomplish this faster, safer, easier, and provide a sharper more uniform edge on their blades. These machines are the same machines IKS uses in manufacturing our log saw blades, and supply to rolled and folded product converting operations around the world.

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