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Designs for rugged and regular use. These EZ style vendor tents collapse via a snap lock system using heavy duty commercial frames and the tops are coated 500D fire retardant polyester commercial grade material that allows us to dye sublimate vibrant and colorfast full color with unlimited graphics for a tent that will look good today and a year from now. Unlike vinyl that is painted and cracks, or silk screen or digital print , these are a better solution for durability and graphics application.Our tent is the real deal on value. This is made here in CA. We have some pretty upset competitors who are not happy about our price. They try to confuse our clients by telling them that they silk screen or digitally print and that we just dye sublimate. Well, the old saying goes, if you can’t impress them with the facts, baffle them with @#$@#!. Dye sublmated graphics using nano ink and quality paper is a labor intensive process that ensures the most vibrant and durable results. Silk screen and digital print does not come close and is certainly less durable and will scratch as the image is on the outside of the fiber, not embedded into it. We put much effort into providing and manufacturing the best tent possible for the lowest below wholesale price. If you have any doubts, call and request a reference.

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Long a staple in the promotional rooftop attention getting department. These are made here to order using standard color vinyl. Can be custom digitally printed to capture a look and feel of the company and allowing for a permanent extra large graphic on 2 or 3 sides. With standard units having loops every 24”, you can replace and use up to 3 banners at a time. Overbuilt for rental and long term commercial use and as we point out, for the cost to rent for 4 to 8 weeks, you can own one. We've recently seen hot air balloons from China made of the same material as a lawn Santa Claus. They are only 50% less and will blow apart in as little as 3 days to 60 days. We make the gold standard in rooftop hot airs, using the same material and workmanship we use on our rooftop gorillas, our hot air shapes rooftop inflatables are designed to give you years of advertising. With extra heavy duty material used on the base for added strength, these staples of special sales and events have a small foot price but a large presentation banner area

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  • Size 6 Feet Full Color

Jazz up the look of any trade show booth or vendor tent or gathering with these top quality 300 denier dye full color dye sublimated table throws. Ready in as little as one day. Custom made to your art or request.300 Denier Polyester full dye sublimated Table Throws. Unlimited graphics including full color graphics on front, sides, top and even back

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  • Size 11 Feet to 32 Feet

”There is a reason these are still popular. People get results. We make a heavy duty commercial grade vinyl gorilla balloon designed to give you years of use. With the ability to change banners on the chest and arms, commuter traffic will often look over to see what the big ape has to say this week.” You can clearly see the difference and no one will have any trouble seeing you. Change up the message on a regular basis to keep people looking to see what your big ape as to say this time. It’s a proven strategy and keeps people looking and on the mundane drive to work, it is actually something motorist look forward to. Own this for the cost of a one month rental.

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Custom Shaped Inflatables

  • Size 08 Feet To 20 Feet

The jump from a traditional hot air shaped rooftop to a unique custom made inflatable is not as much as you may think, yet the increased attention and immediate gained landmark status will fast make the additional investment worthwhile. If you use it on a regular basis, you will find that people will refer to it when giving directions and each passing car will identify your business daily as the one with the 15 FT Happy Face Guy for example. Another way to keep their daily attention is to change your banner message to read new promotions or sometimes just funny things that give the drivers a reason to look and see what it says today. Commuting traffic passing in an almost zombie like state, with blinders on and with the resignation that it will be another mundane drive to work. Your inflatable will become a point of interest to each driver as they pass by. In addition, you can anchor other forms of media advertising such as print campaigns and radio ads to reference the giant inflatable in your ads, further reinforcing the effectiveness of your other ad campaigns. Other things you can do is set up a vendor tent with your name and graphics out front staffed with a person and promotional materials, hang a banner, set up an air puppet to wave around out in front of the street and even a 7 ft helium sphere or advertising blimp with art flying 125 FT over your location. If you want a major campaign of customer traffic, just try some or all of the above.

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Feather Flags

6 mo warranty on flag and pole (but most last 50-100% longer) Full 100% Bleed through on single side flag Top Quality tight woven polyester material Proprietary Dye Sublimation Process that embeds ink into fiber 3 layer tip with 18” felt inside and 2 layers of double sewn material High quality thread and workmanship Poles that are rated for 48 mph, not 25

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An Air Puppet is not just a flappy giant puppet to entertain kids and traffic. It should be a 20 FT Tall custom billboard to incorporate the look and feel of you company. Our company will place your logo on the chest to maximize any other media campaigns you are running, a main extra large stand out service message to let everyone who passes by know what service is conveniently located on a route they commonly travel and we also can put a different message on the back so you can give one message to one direction of traffic and another to the other side of traffic. We also encourage you to put selling points on the arms.

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