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Our offered Product range includes gradations, KTG, wirecheck, UAS Max and RFnest.


GradAtions®, a patented intelligent reading comprehension tutor funded through the Office of Naval Research, helps learners improve their reading proficiency and learn new text-based information in an efficient manner. GradAtions instructional design is based on a large body of research in reading and learning that shows learners who write summaries about the material they have read gain better reading proficiency. Learners write summaries as well as use an array of interactive tools to improve and to measure their reading comprehension. Recent independent studies have consistently shown that learners who use GradAtions for 35-40 hours improve their reading performance by two grade levels. With these demonstrated results, GradAtions can help to improve the reading skills of students in community colleges, worforce training programs as well as learners working independently to enhance their reading proficiency. GradAtions® innovative technology lies in its summary scoring method which employs an advanced text analysis algorithm to provide a real-time summary score. The score is used to measure how well the learner understood the material and to determine the next level passage the learner should receive. Learners improve by advancing through appropriately challenging content while learning meaningful and relevant material. Deployed as a standalone instruction component or combined with teacher lead instruction, GradAtions web-based design provides anytime, anywhere reading improvement instruction.

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IAI's Kinematic Trajectory Generator (KTG) is medium fidelity wheels off to wheel on 4D trajectory generator that is used for modeling and simulation based validation of trajectory based operational concepts. The software is available with a bridge that is used with NASA's Airspace Concept Evaluation System (ACES). The well documented API is available to ATM users to easily integrate with other simulation framework. KTG is used by NASA for developing and validating concepts applicable to transitional airspace. KTG describes the motion of each aircraft in two modes: trimmed mode and transition mode. The trimmed mode is governed by the kinematic aircraft data, which is defined by Eurocontrol's Base of Aircraft Data (BADA)data file derived from nominal aircraft performance. The transition mode describes the motion from one trimmed mode to another. The accelerationdeceleration during transition mode is governed by the designed controller, with accelerationdeceleration constraints computed from the Total Energy Model using the climbing and descent profile in the BADA data. KTG generated data is validated against ETMS data and high fidelity aircraft models. KTG includes support for 1) VNAV and LNAV trajectories, 2) RNP Trajectory Change Points, 3) MCP and MCDUFMS based trajectory modification, 4) Nominal and User descent profile, 5) users specified wind and atmosphere models and 4) high computational performance.

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  • Cable Types Coaxial, Twisted
  • Pulse amplitude 600mV

WireCheck® is an extremely sensitive Time Domain Reflectometer designed specifically for detecting chafing and other soft faults in cables. With the ability to detect chafes at sub-inch accuracy to greater than 200 ft*, WireCheck® can simplify difficult troubleshooting tasks on aircraft and other systems where cable access is limited, andor where faults are intermittent. Simply connect the instrument leads to the wire-under-test and ground, and start a scan. Low-level 600mV pulses with extremely fast 50psec risefall times are injected into the cable at a rate of ten million per second. An 18GHz track-and-hold plus 200MHz 12-bit ADC act as a sampling scope to generate a trace of the reflections. Scans can be viewed in real-time or saved for post processing. WireCheck® comes with common cable attachments. Included Matlab calibration functions dramatically increase sensitivity and dynamic range during post-processing.

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  • UAS Mission Data Product Air Quality Monitoring
  • Flights per day 1,044

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are one of the fastest growing sectors of aviation today. Given the growing concern among both regulators and the general public with respect to the safety of these flights, new tools are needed to understand the demand and the associated impact of UAS on the National Airspace (NAS). UAS-Max, developed by Intelligent Automation Inc. (IAI), is a UAS demand forecast generation tool that provides NAS stakeholders with sample UAS demand datasets that can be used to model and study the impact of UAS flights in controlled Airspace. UAS-Max generated data is focused on UAS flights 2, 000 feet above ground level or higher. The UAS missions and mission specific flight data are developed based on interviews with SME’s and the key stakeholders that are planning to fly UAS. Based on these inputs, detailed demand forecasts are generated and validated using advanced modeling and simulation techniques. UAS-Max data sets provide users with critical data, such as UAS mission characteristics, mission specific demand estimates, aircraft types, flight routes, departurearrival airports and other flight plan data, that are needed to model UAS traffic in the NAS for a wide range of relevant use cases. Each UAS-Max mission data product has the relevant data needed to model and analyze the impact of UAS operations in the NAS for the representative use case. UAS-Max demand data is currently available for the following missions: Air Quality Monitoring Spill Monitoring Wildlife Monitoring Maritime Patrol Flood Mapping Border Patrol Law Enforcement Weather Data Collection Point-Source Emissions Monitoring News Gathering Wildfire Monitoring Airborne Pathogen Tracking Aerial Imaging and Mapping

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  • RF inputs/outputs 8
  • Number of channels 28

Capturing the behavior of a wireless network is a complex problem that involves an understanding of the performance of protocols at different layers, as well as the behavior of the physical hardware. Furthermore, field testing is not easily scalable, controllable, or repeatable. As a result, it is very difficult to evaluate new protocols or solutions for wireless networks. RFnest™ is a network channel emulator that allows a full mesh of wireless nodes to experience realistic channels effects. Radios and systems tested via RFnest™ experience an RF environmental identical to a field test. RFnest™ is the only channel emulator that supports integration of real radio nodes and virtual (simulated) radionetwork nodes where the simulated and the real nodes communicate seamlessly.

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  • Battery Run time 4 Week

This innovative system uses a network of unattended wireless sensors to create a wireless "trip wire” around a perimeter to provide early warnings against intrusions. The ARGUS™ wireless nodes relay real-time perimeter security information to the ARGUSview™ software, where users can visualize the exact location of intrusions and manage additional networked sensors. This versatile perimeter security system allows operators to: Establish a reconfigurable perimeter using 2 to 50 low cost networked radios Deploy in extreme outdoor environments due to ARGUS™'s rugged design Maintain a secure perimeter in all weather conditions through foliage, walls, and other obstructions Deploy wireless nodes for long-term unattended operations

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Aero Sentry

  • Weight 6.5 oz. per node (with 2xAA batteries)
  • Size 3” diameter x 9¼” tall
  • Unattended Runtime Two weeks of continuous operation

Aero Sentry™ is an easy to use, rapidly deployable, affordable, and highly flexible wireless security system that provides unparalleled security for aircraft and aviation infrastructure. Aero Sentry™ consists of four compact radio-frequency transceivers that can be seamlessly integrated with any traffic or safety cone to form a Radio Frequency tripwire. The system provides intrusion detection on any terrain, non-line of sight locations, foliage, and other obstructions. Applications and features include: Protection of fixed-wing or rotary wing aircraft Secure the perimeter of fuel depots and tankers Other high value asset protection Easily integrated with traffic cones and other barriers Provides archived logs and time-stamped images Protects assets from tampering, boarding, and theft

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