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  • Double Conversion On-Line UPS

    IntelliPower’s Digital Technology Double Conversion On-Line UPS offer flexible features, modular configurability and cost effective support to exactly fit customer applications. We utilize digitally controlled UPS high efficiency power switching technology that has been proven over many years. ...

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  • external battery chargers

    Overview IntelliPower designs and builds external battery chargers to be used for recharging external battery packs as a storage and maintenance function ensuring your UPS batteries are optimally charged and ready for use in military, industrial and commercial applications. To ...

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  • External Battery Packs

    Overview IntelliPower designs and builds external battery packs. Where our run time specification cannot be supported only by internal UPS batteires, we offer external battery packs (EBP) that simply plug into the back of our UPS's. To browse our list of External Battery Pack ...

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  • Power Conditioner

    Overview IntelliPower rugged power conditioners improve the quality of power that is delivered to your electrical equipment. Ideal output electrical characteristics enable load equipment to function properly. Power conditioners offer all the features and benefits Double Conversion ...

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  • power converter

    Overview IntelliPower power converters specialize in converting waveforms such as Input DC or AC to Output AC or DC; and voltage conversion, such as Input 120 Volts to Output 240 Volts, or Input 115 Volts to Output 230 Volts. To browse our list of Power Converter ...

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  • power distribution units

    Overview IntelliPower PDUs distribute output power. One outlet can be segmented in to many outputs. To browse our list of Power Distribution products: Sort by clicking on any of the headers Use the search box Click on the part number to view a data sheet

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