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Our Complete range of products are Tsp, Natural Drill Stones, Wire Die Blanks, Lapping Diamond and Diamond-Impregnated Inserts.

Pdc Cutters

Excellent performance. Consistent quality. Outstanding value. Your customers want a drill bit that will get the job done every time. You want a PDC cutter that’s in it for the long haul. With IDS PDC cutters, you can make it happen without digging into your bottom line. IDS PDC cutters are produced from start to finish under the same roof and undergo a rigorous, but noninvasive inspection process, all in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. In the field, they have been proven in a variety of drilling conditions on every continent on the planet. IDS offers three categories of PDC cutters: High Impact Toughness PDC- Premium PDC cutters with excellent impact resistance and high abrasion resistance. These cutters are designed for tough, uneven drilling conditions, combining superior resistance to chipping and cracking with the abrasion resistance necessary to ensure a long cutter life. High Abrasion Resistance PDC- Premium PDC cutters with excellent abrasion resistance and high impact resistance. These cutters are designed for drilling conditions, where high wear and cutter rounding are common. General Purpose PDC- High-value, mid-range performance, general purpose PDC cutters with high impact resistance. These cutters are used in a wide variety of applications, including: -Oil and gas PDC bits as face, gauge, and backup cutters -PDC bits for geothermal drilling -PDC bits for water well drilling -PDC bits for directional drilling -Reaming tools -Core bits -Bearing elements We’re also committed to research and development, meaning the newest IDS PDC cutter is already in the works. And if you need cutters with a unique or unusual shape or properties, we can provide those as well.

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TSP is thermally stable polycrystalline diamond, a versatile material with the hardness of diamond, thermal stability up to 1200°C, and the ability to be manufactured into numerous shapes and sizes. One of the primary applications for TSP is wear protection on the gage of drill bits, but in softer formations, it can be used as a primary cutting element, as well. Because of their performance properties, TSP can also be used in cutting tools, as dressers, as a die material for drawing wire, and for numerous other wear applications. With our in-house testing lab, IDS has done extensive research into the TSP materials on the market in order to ensure that we only supply TSP with the highest performance and the greatest value. Our proprietary slurry abrasion test evaluates the abrasive wear properties and toughness of the materials to determine which grades will provide you with the best overall performance. Our extensive in-house inventory ensures that we can provide you with the TSP you need when you need it.

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Natural Drill Stones

Typically used in surface set bits, IDS natural diamond stones are closely inspected for accurate sizing and classification so you can be sure you’ll get the size and quality of stone that you need. Natural diamond stones are classified by shape and diamond structure. Some have been thermally, mechanically, or chemically conditioned to give them a more uniform shape and the toughness required by demanding drilling conditions. Carbonado- A naturally occurring polycrystalline diamond, irregular in shape, with excellent impact resistance and good abrasion resistance. Congo Cube- A cube-shaped congo diamond with fair abrasion resistance and fair impact resistance. Congo Round- A round processed diamond with a smooth textured surface, medium abrasion resistance, and good impact resistance. Kicker (cast)- Irregular shaped stones that have less integrity than whole stones, but are widely used as gauge parts for wear protection; they have fair abrasion resistance. Reclaim- Reclaim diamond with good impact resistance and medium abrasion resistance. West African- This diamond is identified by its clarity and defined geometry. It has good impact resistance and excellent abrasion resistance.

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Wire Die Blanks

In comparative testing, IDS PDC wire die blanks matched the industry’s leading brands in performance and consistency. When it comes to value, IDS is unparalleled. Partnering with one of the world's premier suppliers of polycrystalline diamond wire die blanks, IDS provides a product of uncompromising quality at an unbeatable value. Our PDC wire die blanks are produced through high temperaturehigh pressure processing to offer the high strength, uniform hardness and multi-directional wear resistance that challenging wire drawing applications require. IDS wire die nibs are made in compliance with ISO 9001 quality standards to ensure they consistently deliver high quality performance. The result: efficient and repeatable fabrication into a finished wire die, and unparalleled die life for your customer. Unsupported die blanks range in size from ADDMA standard D-6 all the way up to D-30. This provides a lower cost way to fabricate dies from smaller to larger wire sizes. Carbide-supported die blanks are available from ADDMA standard D-12 through D-33. The diamond core is directly sintered into the carbide ring providing greater structural toughness and allowing the finished die to withstand the heavy force of hard wire drawing.

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Lapping Diamond

Diamond is the most effective material for lapping hard materials such as ceramics, tungsten carbide, hardened steels, gemstones, and even other diamond structures. IDS offers a broad range of options that can be tailored to your specific material removal and polishing needs.

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Diamond-Impregnated Inserts

Enlist the uncompromising performance of diamonds to protect your drill bits with IDS diamond-impregnated inserts. Diamond-impregnated inserts are composed of a tough, wear-resistant, tungsten carbide capsule infused with ultra-hard synthetic or natural diamond mesh or TSP. They are typically used in gauge protection applications on steel body drill bits and tools, but they can also be used as bumper or shock studs on blades to stabilize the bit, or for wear protection on roller cone bits.

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