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PTFE architectural membrane (7019590000)

PTFE architectural membrane (7019590000)

USD 50 / Square Meter ( Approx )

Min. Order (MOQ) : 500 Square Meter

China supplier PTFE Architecture Membrane


1. Sevice life

The coating is"plastic king"PTFE with a stable performance. There is not aging after longer than 30 years'use


2. Chemical stability

It can be with all strong acid, including aqua fortis, strong oxidant, reducer and all organic solvents, except melted alkali metals, fluorin medium and sodium hydroxide higher than 300.


3. UV resistant

PTFE has a fine weather and radiation resistance performance and a low penetrability.


4. Anti-corrosion

It has strong anti-corrosion


5. Self cleaning

It's non-stick decide none substance cannot stick on the surface.


6. Fire proof

The ire proof grade is A


7. Splicing method

High temperature welding


8. Application temperature



9. Secondary tension

It is not to be longer under other loads, such as wind, rain and snow, the membrane structure is stable

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T

Packaging Details : Carton/Pallet

Delivery Time : 30 days

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