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Our product range comtains a wide range of Gruenberg Conveyor Oven, Tenney Vacuum Lab Ovens, Gas Batch Oven, Tenney ZKG Vacuum Lab Oven and Tenney Vacuum

Gruenberg Conveyor Oven

  • Wide 12” or 18
  • Height 36” to 40”

Accommodates a variety of applications by offering various maximum temperature ovens Modular design allows you to add units or create heating and cooling zones within your continuous process Rugged construction provides years of worry-free use Highly efficient airflow management for maximum temperature uniformity Differential air pressure switches alert user of loss of airflowElectric Incoloy-sheathed tubular heaters High volume air circulation system in horizontal, vertical up, or vertical down designs Propeller type fan or centrifugal blower wheel Air intake tube and exhaust tube with butterfly damper Direct flange mounted gear reducer with a C face AC motor Slider bed frame, flat wire conveyor belt, and drive system Type J thermocouple Inductive type proximity sensors are used for high heat applications ≥ 1000°F Circulation Exhaust Motor Bearing Cooling Blower in ovens ≥ 800°F Standard ten foot length, belt widths of 12", 18", 24", and 30" Riveted carbon steel conveyor chain Constant speed conveyor system or indexing system Variable frequency drive for speed control or continuous running systems Optional access door and special lighted viewing port Detachable conditioning plugs Optional light beam sensor controls conveyer indexing

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Tenney Vacuum Lab Ovens

  • Temperature Range 15°C above ambient to +200°C

Tenney Vacuum Lab Ovens are designed for drying, curing, outgassing, aging, process control and other applications which require elevated temperature in reduced atmospheres. Select from three sizes, all with digital microprocessor control, built-in over temperature protection. All Vacuum Oven sizes feature doors with viewing window. Controllers: Ramp and soak microprocessor control, front mounted Oven temperature: Independent over temperature safety system factory set with reset pushbutton. Heating Element: Electric plate design for extended life performance Vacuum Capability: 1.5 torr (140, 000 feet) Vacuum System: 1" (25.4mm) manifold, chamber rear, exterior, connects to pump or in-house vacuum source Interior: Corrosion resistant stainless steel interior with two (2) shelves. Interior pressure shell is painted cold rolled steel. Heavy gauge galvanized steel construction with powder coat painted exterior

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Gas Batch Oven

  • Model No. DCI
  • Temperature Range +15°C (27°F) above ambient to 316°C (600°F)
  • Resolution: +/-0.1°C (0.2°F)

Standard Cabinet Oven (Model DCI), available in an array of sizes Standard options available for High Power High volume horizontal air recirculation system and electric heating system allow for maximum temperature uniformity in performance Differential airflow switch alerts you if loss of airflow is detected and shuts down oven's heaters Excellent reliability and performance ratingsOpen-air nichrome wire heater elements for durability Centrifugal type blower wheel for efficient air flow through the system Side-mounted control compartment for easier control access (60, 75, 80 and 96 cu. ft. models only) Designed and wired to meet the National Electric Code (NEC) for safe operation

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Tenney ZKG Vacuum Lab Oven

  • Temperature Range: 15°C above ambient to +200°C

Tenney vacuum ovens are designed for drying, curing, outgassing, aging, process control and many other applications which require elevated temperature in reduced atmospheres. The vacuum oven includes microprocessor digital control, built-in over temperature protection as well as a door with full viewing window.

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Tenney Vacuum

  • temperatures +150ºC

Tenney VacTenney Vacuum Test Chambers perform product testing and MIL-SPEC testing, and they can be incorporated into many commercial production processes. The chambers provide a complete vacuum system and control system that is pretested and ready to operate. You only need to connect the chamber to an electrical power source. The basic vacuum chambers are designed to function at vacuum levels up to 20 mm Hg (80, 000' altitude). Vacuum pump systems of greater capacities are available with vacuum capabilities up to 0.169 mm Hg (20, 000'). uum

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Tenney Conditioned Air

  • Temperature Range -70°C to 90°C ± 0.3°C

Provides conditioned air to existing rooms and spaces Allows remote placement of equipment to eliminate vibration and sound Highly portable for use in multiple locations Able to reliably and accurately cool or heat existing space Simple setup and use

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Gruenberg Bench Oven

  • Maximum Temperature 450°F

CHIL construction ensures minimal heat transfer from chamber to exterior for consistent processing Designed for easy clean-up and maintenance Energy efficient heating systemHeavy-duty, fully welded structural steel frame Removable side and back walls Structure steel frame doors Moisture proof, non-combustible, non-settling, and asbestos free insulation Incoloy sheathed, seamless tubular heaters High volume compound horizontal airflow system

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Gruenberg Custom Pharmaceutical Oven

Features to meet your exact processing needs Precise and consistent dehydration results Environmentally-friendly operating conditionsVertical down airflow system with adjustable velocity HEPA filter

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Gruenberg Continuous Process Curing Oven

Custom ovens incorporate various maximum temperatures, accommodating a variety of applications Rugged CHIL construction provides years of worry-free use World class support team provides design and maintenance assistance in order to meet exact processing needsUniform airflow Safety features

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