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Our Complete range of products are Thermoplastic Elastomer, Mineral Filled Polymers, nylon compounds, additive concentrates and flame retardant compounds.

Thermoplastic Elastomer

TPO is a new generation elastomer which exhibits rubber like properties and is easily processed on conventional thermoplastic equipment. The flexural modulus is normally in the 40, 000 to 300, 000 psi range. The key characteristic of this material is its low temperature, toughness, and value cost performance. TPV is a vulacanizable elastomeric composition. The key characteristics of this material are the superior heat and oil resistance. This material is especially useful for gaskets, seals, o-rings, and diaphragms. The material can be processed on conventional extrusion, molding, and compression equipment.

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Mineral Filled Polymers

Mineral filled polymers usually are filled between 10 to 40 percent. Minerals produce high rigidity, and high heat distortion temperatures. These materials also maintain their good tensile, compression, and impact properties. The market includes automotive, appliances, and food packaging.

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nylon compounds

Nucleated Nylon gives improved strength, rigidity, and faster processing cycles. Very High Impact Nylons (6, 6.6, and 6 12) exhibit medium hardness, good flexibility, and high fold temperature impact resistance. Lubricated Nylons using PT FE reduces the coefficient of friction and improves wear strength. Markets include gear and bushing applications.

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additive concentrates

Additive concentrates are used by resin manufacturers, compounders, and processors to change certain properties and characteristics of the finished product. Concentrates are also used to enhance the processibility of the polymer. The additives are added to the polymer before or during the process.

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flame retardant compounds

As the use of plastics has grown in recent years in such areas as construction, automobiles and aircrafts, so too has the concern over the flammability of these materials. To respond to that concern, the industry has discovered and introduced into the plastics or polymers, various fire retardant materials either singularly or as a flame retardant systems made of several materials. While the currently used flame retarding materials have brought about a significant decrease in the flammability of many of the more widely used polymers, there is still substantial room for improvement. It is this specific problem which we address.

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Conductive Compounds

Compounds are based on controlled dispersion of specialty carbon black pigments together with performance additives. We can also tailor-make conductive compounds to exact customer brief and under strict confidentiality agreements. Our conductive compounds are designed to give superior performance over a wide range of application techniques including injection molding, blow molding, vacuum forming, and sheet and profile extrusion. Typical applications for our conductive compounds are found in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, chemical, and mining and telecommunications industries.

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Reinforced Polymer Blends

The major advantage of reinforced polymers is it allows you to tailor the material for maximum performance at minimum costs. Glass and carbon reinforcements can increase impact strength, improve fracture toughness, and stiffness. Glass reinforced polymers are noted for high strength to weight ratios, dimensional stability, resistance to heat,

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emi shielding

Whatever the industry or need, we are geared towards providing EMI shields and gaskets to high-tech industries in more places around the world. So whether it’s a ‘traditional’ EMI solution that you are looking for, or you need something that is bespoke, let us work with you in designing your next EMI application.

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